What’s That Smell? Check Your Home’s Plumbing Condition


As a homeowner, you don’t want to come back home at the end of a long day and be bombarded by a terrible smell coming from the plumbing system. No matter if the smell is in your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room sink, drain odors can make life unpleasant for as long as they linger.

But if you’ve been tasked with the responsibility of finding and fixing a terrible drain smell, today you’ll learn all the things you need to know about drain cleaning along with locating and eliminating unwelcome plumbing odors.

Rotten Egg Smell Got You Down?

Have you ever stepped into your kitchen or bathroom, smelled rotten eggs, and wondered, “where on Earth is that smell coming from?”

If so, then there’s a good chance you have sulfur in your pipes, and it’s most likely coming from bacteria in your soil, your water, or your sewage.

This smell isn’t pleasant, and it can stink up your entire house, but the good news is that regular drain cleaning will kill the bacteria responsible for the pungent gas, and this will prevent that rotten egg smell from taking over your house.

Check for Dirty Drains and Particles that Have Been Left Behind

As you may have guessed, hydrogen sulfide isn’t the only cause of bad-smelling drains, and other contaminants are far more likely culprits if you’re struggling with non-eggy smells in your plumbing.

In the kitchen, it’s likely that grease, scraps, and other food particles have become trapped in the pipes and are releasing odors as they decompose.

In the bathroom, you might be dealing with soap, hair, or toothpaste that’s breaking down and attracting odor-causing bacteria. In any sink, you could have a mold problem that’s giving your house a musty odor. In each case, drain cleaning will eliminate the cause of the smell and leave your plumbing fresh and odor-free.

Contact a Trusted Plumbing Company for an Expert Assessment

Even if you think you know what’s causing that smell in your house, sometimes it can be wise to call in a local Tampa, FL plumbing company for an expert opinion and professional drain cleaning. The reason is that a professional will have the knowledge and expertise to identify the cause correctly, and have the tools to fix it.

Moreover, if the cause of bad drain smells is coming from something else (such as poor venting), the expert will similarly be able to locate and correct the problem.

If you’ve been finding yourself asking “what’s that smell?” and you’ve already cleaned the house, wiped the refrigerator, taken out the garbage, and dealt with all the other common culprits, then you might want to take a sniff of your drains to see if that’s the source of the odor.

Contaminants like food, bacteria, and mold can all create nasty smells in your pipes, and if left unchecked, then these odors can seep into the rest of your house. Regular cleaning, however, will take care of the smells and their sources, leaving your home with that fresh air smell that everybody loves.

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