Professional Plumbing as an Artform


Today’s modern buildings have plumbing systems that can be considered works of art. Architectural plumbing includes water structures, fountains, even water-themed parks as artistic expressions.

Modernized plumbing systems use plumbing technologies that require ingenuity and imagination. It requires not only a contractor license but also skill and knowledge adapted with symmetry and style.

Plumbing drawings show the piping system for clean water going into the building and wastewater going out. They are made up of water supply system drawings, drainage system drawings, Irrigation system drawings, and stormwater system drawings.

Where Plumbing & Art Meet

Designing an architectural structure affects the plumbing system, starting with a design that preserves our planet’s water and other resources.

It includes state-of-the-art materials and a plumbing configuration that includes supplying water removing waste.

There are many ways to express innovation, creativity, and smart engineering, including water tunnels, geysers, water fountains, wave machines, rafting rides. Some water fountains have been praised by many as beautiful works of art.

Design can also be used with water that is frozen. They may not last very long but they can still produce a solid emotional and visual impact. This is when water is used for short-lived works of art, representing the modern evolution of sculpture.

When lights, sound, and smells are added to water tunnels, geysers, water fountains, wave machines, rafting rides, it creates an artistic vision. Some artists will allow ice sculptures to melt, thereby creating the effects of a work that is “in ruins.”

Suburban Uses of Artistic Plumbing

Every new construction demands a plumbing design that can be used by everyone. The creative vision of the engineers who are doing the construction combines many types of water features, from pools, drinking fountains, to planned lakes to sewer lines.

The blueprints of some structures can be mistaken for works of art. Ingenuity and imagination are used to design a plumbing system for a modern building.

Creating art with plumbing connections, pipes and lines is a skill that requires imagination and advanced technical training. A qualified, licensed professional will be able to design a blueprint to incorporate not only how plumbing works, but how it looks.

An architect’s blueprint is a specific drawing of a building. Architectural drawings are used by plumbers and builders to develop a design idea into a coherent plan and to express those ideas in material form.

Art in Modern Residential & Commercial Plumbing

Water fountains are incorporated in many modern buildings’ design. They can be the focal point of a garden or yard.

Sometimes they are added to swimming pools to simulate waterfalls. Other waterfalls are built into exterior walls to create the idea that they are buried there.

Many upscale hotels and commercial buildings incorporate fountains or waterfalls into their interior design. These provide a peaceful and relaxed feeling inside.

To learn more about how plumbing can be used as an art form, call Integrity Home Solutions in Tampa, FL at 813-328-1185. Their plumbing experts will help you create a creative and artistic water feature for your home.

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