How to Make Sure Your HVAC is Ready in March


Flowers are blooming, leaves are green, and the sun is shining more and more. March often paints a beautiful picture in our heads and makes for nice spring days. But did you know this season is also affecting our air quality both indoors and out?

March is a great time to make sure that your HVAC system is running smoothly by taking steps to make sure the air around you is as clean as possible.

While you might know where to start or how to star, here are three suggestions for taking care of your air quality and preparing your HVAC system for the March and the change of seasons:

Carpool With Friends to Clear The Air

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to cut down on air pollution is to carpool with friends.

Any time you get the opportunity you should hop in the car with a friend or coworker and simply remove a few cars from the road by riding together.

The amount of cars on the road every day is causing more and more air pollution and this air pollution is sneaking into your home and affecting your HVAC system.

Then your HVAC is put under stress from working overtime because of the pollution brought indoors and an overworked HVAC can cause you unnecessary stress and money.


Quit Smoking Indoors For a Cleaner Home

Smoking indoors is not only not recommended by your doctor but also not by your HVAC technician! One easy way to improve the quality of air inside your home is to stop smoking indoors.

Other than the fact that the smell will linger around your home, this kind of air pollution is causing your HVAC system to have to filter out those impurities over and over again, thus working immensely harder than it should be.

Not only does this increase your energy costs and the wear and tear on your AC system, but also it could be hurting your family, and no one wants that!


Clean The Dehumidifier & Help Your HVAC

A dehumidifier is a great appliance to have around the house when it’s working as it should. Much like your HVAC system the dehumidifier is working to improve the quality of the air in your home and is filtering out dust as the air passes through.

This includes keeping moisture out of the air so that dust, mildew and mold do not settle. Weeks turn into months and soon your dehumidifier is slugging along due to the debris it has filtered. As the season is changing into Spring, now is a good time to think about cleaning your dehumidifier to keep it running up to speed with the rest of your home.

By implementing these three tips into your home you’ll be able to enjoy those beautiful march days without having to worry too much about how your HVAC system is working. You’ll already be fully prepared for the change into Spring and onto Summer.

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