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Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home

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Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home

Do you or any of your family members suffer from allergy symptoms? You are not alone! More than 20% of Americans are affected by allergies. Relieve those annoying symptoms; medications can help, but removing irritants from your home is a more natural and effective solution. We care about every aspect of your home – check out these helpful tips on how to allergy-proof your home.


Identify the source of your allergies.

First, identify what you are allergic to before you start tackling the issue. The most common offenders in your home are dust mites, mold, pollens, and pet dander.

Begin with the bedroom.

Once you’ve identified the source of your allergies, the best place to start eliminating allergens is in the bedroom. If dust is a problem, after dusting cover your mattress and pillows with quality zip-on dust mite covers.

Consider Your Window Treatments.

Curtains tend to trap way more allergens than blinds or shades. However, if you love your drapes, opt for the machine-washable type. You can also remove dust by vacuuming at least once a week with a brush attachment.



Don’t give allergens a chance to come inside.

Be proactive! Lay a doormat at the inside and outside of your entryway. This will keep outdoor irritants from finding their way inside the rest of the home.

Consider having a “no shoe” policy inside your home – another great way to prevent allergens from spreading around the house.

Change your air filters regularly.

On average, here’s when you should change your home air filters:


  • Vacation rentals or single occupant with no pets or allergies: every 6-12 months
  • A Tampa Bay home without pets: every 90 days
  • Homes with a dog or cat: every 60 days
  • Homes with more than one pet or someone with allergies: every 20-45 days


Our experts also recommend having a tune-up once a year to make sure your AC unit keeps running smoothly.

Splurge on a good vacuum cleaner.

To properly remove allergens from your home, you’ll need a vacuum with a HEPA filter. These are specially made to trap tiny particles as small as 0.3 microns – meaning they can catch most allergens.

You may want to hire a professional carpet cleaner at least once a year to clean carpets, area rugs, and upholstery. This is a great way to remove irritants and other pollutants that can cause allergies.


Replace wall-to-wall carpeting.

Carpet is a haven for dust, pollen, and pet dander, and walking across the carpet only re-releases these irritants into the air.

During your next home renovation, replacing wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwood floors or other impervious floorings will significantly cut back on allergens inside your home.

Eliminate mold.

Did you know there are more than 100,000 species of mold on the planet? And their favorite place to live seems to be your bathroom. Gross! Make sure to clean your bathroom regularly, have it well ventilated, and always dry surfaces that collect standing water.

Also, replace broken tiles and re-caulk sinks and tubs every few years to discourage mold growth behind walls.

Install a UV Air Sanitizer.

Ready to get rid of allergy-causing irritants in your home for good? Call Integrity Home Solutions to install a UV Air Sanitizer. This system uses UV light to “zap” impurities like dust and mold from the air at the molecular level. Click here for more info.


Breathe Easy. Call a Tampa AC Company


Improve your indoor air quality and remove those pesky irritants in your home that cause allergy symptoms.

Need a hand? Integrity Home Solutions provides quality you can trust when you need it most. Our team of air quality contractors can help make your home more comfortable. Call our Tampa Bay plumbing and HVAC company anytime! We’re available 24/7(813) 531-9480 .

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