7 DIY Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

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Are you a weekend warrior who loves to tackle DIY projects at home? Or maybe you’re the exact opposite and absolutely can’t stand doing repair work? In either scenario, minor plumbing issues and projects come up from time to time and it can’t hurt to have the proper tools in your toolbox.   

With the right tools (and some patience), most minor plumbing issues and projects do not require the help of a professionalHere are the top seven must-have plumbing tools every homeowner should have to handle basic DIY plumbing projects. These tools will come in handy when replacing a faucet or showerhead, installing a new sink, or fixing a leaky toilet.   

Locking Pliers. 

Considered a “plumbing wrench”, it does the same job as an adjustable wrench but tends to work better with plumbing projects.  

Strap Wrench. 

This awesome tool allows you to install a new showerhead or faucet without scratching the finish. Just wrap the strap around the fixture, secure, and install!   

Needle Nose Pliers. 

This nifty tool helps when you’re working in super tight areas and need to get a grip on small parts.  

Photo Credit: America Tools | FYI this an illegal S-trap and should be a P-trap. If you see this, you should call a plumbing pro.

Basin Wrench. 

This type of wrench is specifically designed to work in the hard-to-reach areas under a sink. Use when you are replacing a sink or working on the drain.   

Plumber’s Putty. 

A must have, plumber’s putty creates water-resistant seals on joints that aren’t under pressure, such as a sink drain.   

Plumber’s Tape. 

This product prevents leaks by sealing threaded pipes and can be used when installing faucet supply lines and replacing showerheads. Tip: It’s also called Teflon Tape.   

A Loaded Caulk gun and Extra Caulk. 

There are several reasons why you’ll want to keep a caulk gun handy – from installing ceramic sinks and new faucets to repairing seams in your shower for a watertight seal.   


DIY not doing the trick? Call Integrity Home Solutions!   

Even the handiest DIYer needs assistance on plumbing issues every now and then, and when that times, call the plumbing experts at Integrity Home Solutions in Tampa Bay!  

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