3 Questions to Ask Your AC Installer

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Investing in a new air conditioner can be an overwhelming process.  Whether your AC finally kicked the bucket or you’re wanting to upgrade your system, choosing a qualified AC installation contractor is essential. We understand this can feel like an impossible decision, so to get you started here are 3 important questions to ask your AC Installer:  

1. Do you have a waiting list for service? 

When you buy a new air conditioner, you want installation — immediately. Many wait until the middle of a heatwave before buying a new air conditioner, and many HVAC technicians are overbooked. Some AC installation companies may have you waiting days before they can provide your service.   

That’s why you should find and establish a rapport with a local air conditioning company before your existing unit fails. With proper management and a full team of experts, the most respectable of HVAC repair shops will fit your installation in no matter how sweltering the weather may be. 

Integrity Home Solutions won’t keep you waiting! Call us for fast, affordable HVAC services throughout Tampa Bay! 


2. What are all the charges for this project? 

To avoid a costly surprise, we recommend that you ask about fees upfront.  The right contractor will inform you of any unexpected changes and be transparent should any issues arise in a timely manner. When prices become clearer to you, the value of having experienced technicians comes into focus. 


3. How do we determine what AC unit best suits my home? 

The AC installer should work with you to find a tailored option that works with your structure, and with your budget.   

One of the major mistakes is acquiring the wrong size unit for your home — too small and it cannot cool efficiently; too big and you will be throwing away resources and money.  Air conditioners come in all shapes and sizes and having a qualified technician perform an extensive inspection helps with this process. 


Call Our Tampa HVAC Experts  

Having the right AC unit installed in your home makes all the difference when it comes to your comfort.  Stay cool and collected with Integrity Home Solutions for a stress-free experience. You will be provided an upfront estimate for services that you must approve before we even start work.  Our technician will help you choose your unit after a thorough inspection.  Wwill perform your installation at the highest level possible, providing quality solutions from start to finish.  

Call Integrity Home Solutionsto schedule an air conditioning installation, repair or inspection and keep your cool all year round. 

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