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In Tampa, you need your AC unit to help stay cool on the hottest Florida days. Remember: HVAC units are machines and need to be properly taken care of, or risk them breaking down. Which can lead to costly repairs or even replacement. No matter the current state of your AC unit, here are a handful of ways you can protect your investment and extend the life of your air conditioner unit. 

#1: Replace or Clean Your Filters 

The technician will check this during your maintenance check, however, you should be replacing or cleaning your filter at least once per month. Make it a ritual on the same day every month so you do not forget.  

Air filters are meant to filter the air so they can get very filthy. Wet humid conditions, dust, pet dander or pollen can clog up a filter. When your filter is dirty your AC must work harder to push the air through.  

By keeping the filter free of debris, you can prolong the life of your AC unit. Your AC maintenance technician will also remind you of the best filter for your unit. Changing your AC filter is an easy job so don’t skip it! 


#2: Clean Your Air Vents and Ducts 

Keep air vents and ducts clear by vacuuming any dust or debris buildup. You will have better air quality in your home when your vents and ducts are clear and clean. By keeping your air vents and ducts clear you will be saving money in repairs and assist the life of your AC unit. 


#3: Encourage Air Circulation

Make sure that there are no obstructions to your airflow and the areas around all vents are clear and interior doors remain open. This will assist your AC unit in circulating the air through your home which in turn will reduce the risk of mold and bacterial growth.  


#4:Clear Your Drain Line 

When a drain line becomes clogged you could end up with a flood situation. This line must stay clear so it can drain properly and rid any mold or bacteria in the line.  

We also recommend when you change your filter flush 1 cup of chlorine bleach down your AC drain and follow that with a gallon of hot water.  


#5: Schedule Inspections Regularly 

 Like any other advanced system, an AC unit should have regular maintenance and inspections to ensure its operating at the highest capacity. Contact us today for an inspection! 


Avoid AC Emergencies with Regular Maintenance

Air conditioning service companies are always around to help you repair your air conditioner when it’s broken, however, you can avoid most of these issues by following our tips.  

At Integrity Home Solutions, we offer reliable AC maintenance programs that can extend the life of your air conditioner, improve its efficiency, and help prevent major emergency breakdowns. Call us for trusted help for your Tampa Bay home or office space. 

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