Help! My AC Unit Got Flooded

Flooded Home Yhs Tampa Ac Repair

AC systems are equipped to withhold some water damage, however, if the water reaches to about a foot in depth –it can cause damage and be a serious issue. It’s Tampa; with storms (in season or not) flooding is bound to happen. Integrity Home Solutions shares a few tips that can help you help you should your AC unit get flooded.  

Steps to take if your AiConditioning System was Flooded 

Honestly, if you had significant water in your AC unit, it’s best to call for an AC inspection ASAP in order to avoid any severe damage to any of the electrical components in the unit.   

Here’s what you can do if your HVAC units were flooded:   

  • Deactivate all the electrical controls from the home’s breaker box. This should be the first thing you do! 
  • Remove as much of the standing water to allow the air conditioner system to dry out. Do not turn on the AC unit even when you think you removed all of the water – this could potentially be very dangerous.  
  • Check all wires or other electrical parts to see if any corrosion has occurred.  
  • Leave your air conditioner unit off until a professional comes to inspect the unit and carefully turn on all the electrical controls. 

We’re here; call one of our expertsWe will have someone out there to help you as soon as possible!  

How Storms Can Impact Your AC Unit 

Floodwaters aren’t the only thing to be aware of, many things can impact your home ACDebris and things such as trees and patio furniture can affect the performance of your air conditioning unit. After a hurricane, pieces of debris may get stuck in the system.   

Hailstorms can also be very damaging to your air conditioning system. The damage begins on the inside and it restricts the air flow within your system!  

Be proactive! If you want to avoid flooding in your HVAC unit, if a new home, consider speaking with your contractor about building a retaining wall. If a storm is heading our way, you can use sandbags to help stop flood waters from reaching your system.  

Depending on the amount of water and the amount of time your unit was flooded, the best option might be to just get an entirely new air conditioning system. You can trust our team to tell you the best option.  


5 StarsGot my unit working without being sold anything I didn’t need the issue was explained to me and taken care of I would highly recommend this company who is looking for affair and honest AC service which based on my past experiences has not always been pleasant this is my first time using them and if I ever have the need it will be my first call.” -Anthony S. 


Quality AC Service When You Need It Most  

Around Tampa Bay, flooding happens. When it does, it can severely impact your HVAC units.  

Call the experts at Integrity Home Solutions today for a full AC inspection and safety check! Let us help you keep your air conditioning safe and working properly at all times, even during storm season!

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