Tankless Water Heater vs Traditional Water Heaters

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Need a New Water Heater? 


There are quite a few signs that may mean your water heater is on its last leg…Look for water in or around your unit or water issues (ex. not getting hot or low water pressure) as these mean your water heater may be failing.  


Wondering what the best water heater is for your home? But unsure about getting either a tankless water heater versus a traditional water heater – keep reading to find out the advantages and disadvantages of both water heater systems. Plus, learn another option that may work best for your home.  


Should I get a Tankless or Traditional Water Heater? 


There are some pros and cons to each water heater system. These include water storage, placement, and, of course, the cost of investment. 


Water Storage  


The main difference between the two systems is that a traditional water heater stores and preheats multiple gallons of water until someone uses it during the shower, washing the dishes, or your laundry.  


A tankless water heater uses a heat source to warm up the cool water ondemand rather than storing the pre-heated water in a tank like a traditional water heater does. Tankless water heater systems may take longer to deliver hot water. When multiple outlets are using hot water at the same time, you may notice inconsistent water temperature. Tankless water heater systems cannot provide hot water during a power outage (which can be a big deal during storm season here in Tampa). 


Give us a call! We’ll send a local pro to talk you through your water heater options.  


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Cost to Buy & Maintain 


Traditional water heaters have a lower initial cost; it can cost about half the price of a tankless water heater. People invest in a tankless water heater because they are more costfriendly in the long run.  


They are also very inexpensive to maintain and repair any damages. The con of having a traditional water heater is that you should expect to have a higher utility bill, especially during the winter because regardless of your water needs, the water is consistently heated at a pre-set temperature.  


But, compared to a tankless water heater, they also have a shorter life span. This means more repair costs and replacement units over time.  


Call us for an efficient in-home water heater inspection. Our plumbing professionals can help determine if you can repair the one you have, or if a new water heater installation is needed.  




Traditional water heaters tend to be bigger and harder to place. They cannot be placed outside and finding a place inside your home may be difficult. A bonus for tankless units is they are smaller in size and can be installed inside or even outside. 


How About Hybrid?  


Not to throw another option in the mix, but a hybrid unit may be the best for your home. The main pro for this type of water heater is that it’s much more energyefficient than standard electric water heaters. Hybrid water heaters pull air from the room they occupy, heat it, and then circulate the air in the tank to heat the water.  


Using electricity to move heat instead of generating heat directly is why units can be up to 3 times more efficient than conventional water heaters. A hybrid water heater can cut down bills overtime saving an average household of four about $3,500 over the heater’s lifetime! 


Let’s Recap… 


Traditional Water Heater 



  • Lower initial cost  
  • Easier and may be less expensive to repair 


  • Higher utility bills (particularly in the winter) 
  • Difficult to place 
  • Shorter life span  


Tankless Water Heater  



  • Saves money in the long run  
  • Smaller in size, great for smaller garages and homes 
  • Longer life span 


  • Higher initial cost 
  • Takes longer to deliver hot water 
  • Cannot provide hot water during a power outage 


Hybrid Water Heater 



  • Energy Starcertified hybrid water heaters can save the average family up to $330 a year or $3,500 over the lifetime of the unit. 
  • Thanks to standard electrical connections, our plumbing pros can have you up and running in no time!  
  • Keep existing electrical panel 


  • Cost more than a traditional water heater, but you can recoup your investment in as little as 2 years! 
  • Occupies more space than tankless and can’t be placed directly outside 
  • Needs to have its air filter replaced regularly 
  • Requires a condensate drain for the moisture that needs to be drained out 



Need a New Water Heater for Your Home? 


Choosing which water heater system is the best for you can be a hard decision to make. We recommend you consider your budget, space in your home, and energy needs. Our team can walk you through your options and help you decide if a tankless water heater, hybrid, or traditional water heater is right for you. 


If you’re ready for us to install your new water heater system, don’t hesitate to call us at (813) 531-9480  When you call Integrity Home Solutions, you can trust that you will receive the very best residential plumbing repairs in all of Tampa Bay! 

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