Six Scary Plumbing Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Scary Plumbing Sounds Tampa Plumbers

Who You Gonna Call…? 

Is your house starting to sound like a haunted house? While October is usually full of good old-fashioned frights, your plumbing system should not be in on the fun!  

These scary and strange noises should be left for Halloween fun and not for your pipes! If you hear any of these six scary noises coming from your plumbing make sure to contact Integrity Home Solutions today, as they are not noises that should be making bumps in the night. After all, a quiet plumbing system is the best kind of all! 


Hissing fixtures 


Hearing a hissing noise from your fixtures can be one of two issues.  

Listen closely next time and see if you can figure out where it is coming from. If the noise is coming from your water fixture, it likely means your water pressure is too high. While this noise can be maddening to your ears and your wallet—the increase in water use leads to increased water bills—it is also a simple fix. A regulator can be installed to help keep and maintain the PSI within a normal range. 

If the hissing noises you are hearing are coming from your water heater, especially after a long hot shower, this noise is likely okay. Your tank is just refilling and if the water hits a hot surface, such as the burner, it creates that hissing noise you are hearing.   


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Banging Pipes 


Bang! Are you hearing banging or clanging noises? This loud banging sound is coming from your water hammer.  

This sound happens when there is a sudden change in the water pressure—usually when a tap is shut off. If your pipes are loose, this pressure can cause the pipes to bang into the walls. 

This is a serious problem and should be repaired immediately by an experienced plumber at Integrity Home Solutions. If not fixed, this can lead to broken pipes, damaged fittings, or damaged appliances. Our plumbers will install a pressure-limiting valve at the mainline and then add a clip or sleeve to the pipe to stop them from banging into the walls. 


Squealing Pipes 


Are your pipes screaming and screeching like a ghost? While this super scary sound might be terrifying, it is actually a simple fix. 

These horrifying sounds are caused by water flowing from a large pipe into a smaller pipe. A plumber can fix this by adjusting the pressure valve or replacing the valve or a worn washer. 


Gurgling Toilet 


That gurgling noise you hear from your toilet is not a monster but still can be scary! A gurgling toilet is often the result of a backed-up or clogged sewer line or lines that have cracks. When air gets in these lines they make a gurgling noise. 

While this might seem like a simple DIY fix, oftentimes these clogs are deep in the system and require more advanced tools and the expertise of a trained plumber. 



Thudding Walls 


If you are hearing dull thudding or hammering from your walls don’t be frightened, it is not a ghost. This noise is often heard after a faucet is shut off.  

To fix this problem, devices such as a regulator, shock absorbers, or air chambers can be installed. These devices will help cushion the thudding and hammering effect by compressing when the water is turned off.  


Whistling Shower 


While it may not be a high-pitched poltergeist in your shower the whistling and whooshing you hear may have something to do with unwanted buildup in the pipes 

In Florida, hard water is common and can result in mineral buildup in the pipes or even the water heater. This sediment buildup will need to be professionally cleaned out. Adding a water softener system to your home will also help alleviate and minimize this buildup. 

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Leave the Scary Noises tthe Plumbing Experts 


Leave these unwelcome and frightful sounds to Halloween and not to your home’s plumbingAt Integrity Home Solutions, we want your home to be free of these scary noises. Our trained and skilled plumbers are able to identify every scary noise out there and fix it—fast! 

While, we’re plumbing pros, not the Ghostbusters, the next time you hear a scary noise, call us at (813) 531-9480 or chat/text with our Tampa Bay team. We will promptly assess and fix your haunted house and turn it back into your home! 

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