5 Reasons Why You Need a Fall HVAC Tune-Up

Fall Leaves on the ground AC Tune time


The fall season is one of the best times to get an HVAC tune-upBut you may be thinking…fall…cold weather…Florida?! But despite the same pretty consistent weather temperatures, it is still a great time to get your HVAC tune-up done anyway. 


Whether your system is one or ten years old, regular tune-ups are essential for your HVAC system’s efficiency and reliability. We depend so much on air conditioning, heating, and ventilation, but we need to remember to not take these necessities for granted and to make sure they are in top working order! 


Fall is the Perfect Time for a Tune-Up 

 There simply is no better time to get your HVAC system tuned-up than during the fall. Your AC system has been running none stop and likely needs a good lookover. So before you start turning off your AC and turning up your heat, make sure you call a professional service technician at Integrity Home Solutions to do an HVAC tune-up. 

Most Floridians know there really is no “cold” peak seasons like up in the Northern states, which is part of why ‘snow birds’ love spending time here. With your system running overtime in the Summer, Fall is a good time to schedule a tune-up 

It’s the perfect time between the main heating and cooling seasons to have your system looked at by a professionalOur service technicians will come out to your home and assess and make any necessary repairs to make sure your heating and cooling system is running properly. Call Integrity Home Solutions or chat with our team today! 


The changing leaves look pretty, but can also cause a big issue. Our pros will check to make sure that your AC units are not being clogged by falling leaves. Keeping your HVAC unit clear helps your system run efficiently. 


Five Benefits of an AC Tune-Up 

There are a lot of good reasons to have your HVAC system looked over. The bottom line is a tune-up will help extend your HVAC system’s lifespan, reduce energy use, reduce overall repairs, and maintain its efficiency over time.  


Here are other benefits that make an inexpensive AC tune-up more than worth the investment:  


Lower energy bills 

When your HVAC system is working properly, it uses less energy, which means lower energy bills.  


Save money  

By having your HVAC system running at its best, you save energy and money. It is cheaper, in the long run, to save money by fixing minor issues before it becomes a whole system repair.  

For example, if you fail to replace your air filter regularly it can lead to a broken blower or ductwork cleaning, which is more money than you would have initially spent. 


Increased longevity of your system 

Regular maintenance and tune-ups will prolong the lifespan of your system.  


A healthy and safer home 

During a tune-up, technicians will make sure harmful gases, like carbon monoxide, are not leaking into your home. They will make sure there are proper exhaust functions and there is no build-up of dust, dander, and mold, which can lead to poor air quality issues. 


Beat the rush 

Summer and winter are peak seasons for the HVAC industry. It is better to be proactive than to wait until there is a problem. Additionally, you can avoid any scheduling difficulties or potential rate increases if you do not wait until peak season. 


What’s Included ia Fall Tune-up? 

We make sure to do the job right. We want your home running in peak condition in every season. During your tune-up, a service technician from Integrity Home Solutions will clear out any accumulated dust, inspect the drainage lines, look for leaks, test the airflow, and check electrical connections.  


During an AC tune-up, you can also expect our local AC experts to: 

  • Check refrigerant levels 
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser cooling coils 
  • Clean condensate drain line and drain pan 
  • Align and clean blower components 


During a heating tune-up, you can expect our HVAC technicians to: 

  • Check gas or oil pressure 
  • Inspect gas or oil connections 
  • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks and leaks 
  • Check burner combustion 


Schedule Your Fall HVAC Tune-UToday 

Don’t fall behind with your AC maintenanceIt is important to have your HVAC system regularly serviced. While there are some things homeowner can do themselves, such as making sure the filters are changed out regularly, it is best to leave a tune-up to the professionals.  

At Integrity Home Solutions in Tampa Bay, we have the knowledge, experience, tools, and equipment needed to perform all points of a system tune-up. Why wait for a problem to arise, call us now at (813) 531-9480  to schedule a professional HVAC tune-up before the cooler weather sets in! 

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