Get Your AC Ready For Spring

getting ac units ready for spring Integrity Home Solutions Tampa

Many people get lax in maintaining their HVAC units during the winter months, and it’s a habit that can contribute to component wear and breakdowns during the warmer months. While spring hasn’t quite sprung quite yet, there are a few steps that you can take NOW to care for your air conditioning system. 

Make sure your home is ready to stay cool for Spring and Summer months with these easy tips from Integrity Home Solutions 


Clean and Remove Debris 


Your AC unit needs breathing room! Throughout the cooler months where lawn care may fall to the backburner (and leaves are literally falling), debris can collect around the outdoor unit of your AC.  

This debris will prevent your heating and cooling unit from working properly. Before you turn on your AC unit for the first time since Winter, remove any lids or covers and remove any leaves, vegetation, sticks, etc. from around the unit so it can breathe. After clearing away the larger debris, vacuum the fins of the unit to remove any small debris or particles you might have missed.  


This is Tampa Bay – the heat can be unbearable even starting in the Spring. Spare yourself aemergency repair service and call Integrity Home Solutions for an AC maintenance tune-up today(813) 531-9480 ! 


Replace the Filter 


Replacing the air filter regularly is probably the most important part of maintaining your air conditioner. Not only does this keep your unit from circulating allergens and pollutants throughout your home, but it ensures that your HVAC unit will run at peak efficiency as well.  

If the filter is clogged, it will force the system to work harder which could result in frequent repairs and even system failure. 


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Give Your Unit a Trial Run 


If you haven’t been using your AC unit for a few months, giving it a trial run and inspection is a good idea.  

After cleaning and changing its filter, give it a trial run for 30 minutes to an hour, and examine how it is functioning both inside and outside your home. Does anything sound off? A trial run gives you the opportunity to notice anything abnormal and call in the pros for maintenance if needed.  


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Schedule AC Maintenance…Before You Need It 


The fear of going to turn on your AC unit and have it not work properly should be the nudge that you need to schedule a preventative HVAC maintenance appointment. It’s the best way to prevent any unforeseen cooling issues from ruining your summer months!  

We recommend having your AC professionally serviced seasonally, once in the spring, and again before winter. It’s always best to prevent minor issues from becoming major problems in the future if you can. Remember, preventative maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your HVAC system!  


A trained HVAC technician from Integrity Home Solutions will inspect your unit for any component wear, refrigerant leaks, and any other problems that might cause your unit to fail. Call our Tampa AC company today to schedule your seasonal AC maintenance(813) 531-9480 ! 


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Preventative AC Maintenance


Get your HVAC unit ready for spring and warmer months ahead with preventative AC maintenance from Integrity Home SolutionsWe will ensure that your home’s HVAC system is ready to take on the hot months ahead while running at peak efficiency.  


We can help you keep your cool! Let’s chat to schedule an AC maintenance visit, call (813) 531-9480  or schedule online today!  


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