Reasons Your Home Has Low Water Pressure

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Water pressure problems are a common occurrence and can present themselves in numerous (and frustrating!) ways. If the problem seems to be isolated to just one fixture, this is good. It’s likely an easy fix. However, if your low water pressure is more widespread and seems to be affecting the entire house, it’s time to call in a plumber 

Don’t let water pressure woes get you down! The plumbing experts at Integrity Home Solutions weigh in on exactly what could be causing low water pressure in your home.  


Water Pressure Woes 

When water pressure starts to weaken, it can make even the simplest tasks difficult to complete. Fortunately, the signs of low water pressure are fairly obvious, some include: 

  • It takes longer than usual to fill a sink or a bathtub.  
  • The water spray from your showerhead is weak.   
  • Your dishwasher and washing machine run longer cycles.  
  • It’s almost impossible to clean dishes with your kitchen faucet 


Causes of Low Water Pressure 

A few things could be the reason why your home or office has noticeably lower water pressure.  If you can’t determine which of the issues it is belowthen the plumbing experts at Integrity Home Solutions can locate the source of the problem and bring your water pressure back to normal! Call us at (813) 590-7983 


Main Shut-Off Valve  

Thmain shut-off valve is located where the main water pipe enters your home, and if positioned incorrectly, can limit the flow of waterMake sure the wheel is twisted all the way and/or the level handle is parallel to the pipe. 


Water Softener 

A faulty water softener can cause a sudden change or decrease in water pressure. To make sure it is working properly, it’s best to contact an experienced plumber near you to perform a thorough inspection of your water softener system 

If any issues are found, a licensed expert like Integrity Home Solutions can repair them immediately.  


Clogged Aerator 

If your water pressure issues seem to be isolated to just one faucet, the culprit could be a clogged aerator – the little screen on the end of the faucet – that can rust or become clogged by debris.  

To unclog the aerator, simply unscrew the screen from the faucet, thoroughly clean it, and reattach it to the faucet 


Mineral Build-Up 

A build-up of minerals and sediment in your home’s plumbing can cause water pressure to weaken, especially in older homes.  

To restore the flow of water within your home’s plumbing, it may require the replacement of corroded or blocked plumbing – a job that only a licensed plumber like Integrity Home Solutions should handle.   


Pressure Regulator  

The pressure regulator controls the water pressure that is entering your home from the service line.  When it is not working properly, the water pressure throughout your entire home can be affected. 

licensed plumber from Integrity Home Solutions can determine if your regulator is to blame and can fix the issue immediately.  


Cracked or Leaky Pipe 

The cause of your low water pressure could be lurking deep within your walls or underneath the foundation in the form of a cracked or leaky pipe. If this is the case, the issue needs to be fixed immediately before becoming a major issue.  


Build-Up in the Hot Water Heater 

Sediment that has built up in your water heater can create a water pressure slowdown. You can avoid this by scheduling routine maintenance of your water heater by a professional plumbing company that will make sure all components are working properly.  


Fix Your Water Pressure Issues  

Don’t let low water pressure get you down! Spending hours trying to DIY?! Integrity Home Solutions can identify the issue, fix the problem, and restore your water pressure! Our local 5-star plumbers are available 24/7 to help you fix the problem quickly and efficiently. To schedule plumbing services in the Tampa Bay area, please call (813) 590-7983 

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