Why You Need Whole-Home Storm Surge Protection

The Tampa Bay area is considered the lightning capital of the United States, so protecting your home from storm damage is essential. An intense electrical storm — or even small surges through your home’s wiring — can wreak havoc on your electronics.  


Our professionals at Integrity Home Solutions explain the importance of investing in whole-house surge protection 

Where Do Power Surges Originate? 


A power surge is described as a fast, short-duration electrical voltage of a circuit; they are typically caused by: 


  • Lightning 
  • Power outages 
  • Tripped circuit breakers 
  • Short circuits 
  • Power transitions in large equipment 
  • Malfunctions caused by your power company 
  • Electromagnetic pulses 
  • Inductive spikes  


If any of these occur, you will wish that you had a whole-home surge protector.  



Protecting Your Home  


The best defense against major or minor power surges is to install a whole-house surge protection device. These devices are typically connected to your home’s electrical service box and use a metal oxide varistor (MOV) to shunt surges away from your home. Many modern homes equipped with expensive electrical systems often come standard with whole-home surge protection.  


Although homeowners often have point-of-use surge protectors, they cannot shunt and protect your electronics from lightning or other high-energy surges. To protect from direct lightning strikes or other powerful electrical surges, you will need a professional to install whole-home surge protection 

Benefits of Whole-House Surge Protection 


If your home isn’t equipped with whole-house surge protection, there are several reasons to invest in a system: 




Most households today have numerous electronic gadgets and equipment to protect. In addition, the micro-circuit boards in many new home appliances and LED bulbs are sensitive to surges.  


Within the past decade, technology consumption has increased exponentially. From computers and tablets to smartphones, smart TVs, and smart thermostats, there is much to protect in the event of a power surge. It is important to safeguard your most important data with whole-home surge protection 



80% of Surges are Generated in Your Home  


Most power surges are brief or transient and come from appliances such as the air conditioner. Generally, these small surges do not cause major damage, but they can degrade the performance of your appliances and electronics over time.  



Layering Protects Multiple Sources 


If you have an extensive home entertainment system or other expensive electronics, consider layering your whole-house surge protection 


If an appliance sends a surge through a shared circuit, other outlets in your home could be compromised. This is one reason why a surge protector at the circuit panel is insufficient. A layered approach to surge protection will safeguard your appliances and electronics at the electrical panel and the point of use.   


The best way to handle shared circuits is to install a power conditioner with surge suppression.  



Not sure which is the right surge protector for your home in Tampa Bay? Our technicians at Integrity Home Solutions can discuss the best options. Call us today, (813) 473-6007! 



Complete Electrical System Protection 


The primary function of a whole-house surge protector is to prevent damage to appliances and electronics, although it also protects your home’s entire electrical system.  


In the event of a power surge, the whole-house protector will send the surge back through the breaker panel, where it is shunted to a different path, therefore protecting your home’s electrical equipment. Further, a whole-house surge protector will safeguard every outlet in your home. 


Tip: To ensure that you are protected from electrical shock, test your ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets every 30 days!  





There are several whole-house surge protection systems available to you based on the voltage needs of your home. Homes typically have 120-volt service, and an 80kA-rated surge protector can be installed, though surges over 50kA do not often occur.  


If you live in an area where lightning storms are common, such as Tampa, an 80kA surge protector would be a smart investment.  


Be aware that quality differs by brand and warranties are varied. We recommend opting for an extended warranty.  



Protect your home this summer! Our experts at Integrity Home Solutions can help you find the ideal surge-protection solution for your home. Schedule a consultation today! 

Protecting Your Home From Lightning  


If your home does not have whole-home surge protection, here are some tips to prevent damage to your Tampa Bay area home. 


  • If you have a water-well pump, switch off the power at the breaker box. If the pump is damaged, you could be left without water.  
  • Plug electronics into surge protectors or unplug them during a storm.  
  • Look for high-quality point-of-use surge protectors. If it costs less than $10, it likely does not have the needed protection.  
  • Invest in a backup generator in case your power is out for an extended period.  



Protect Your Home from Power Surges 


As we enter hurricane and thunderstorm season here in Florida, your home will experience hundreds of small power surges and possibly larger ones from lightning strikes. The best way to avoid damage and protect your home’s appliances and electronic devices is to install whole-house surge protection. 


Stay safe and prevent damage with a whole-house surge protector from Integrity Home Solutions. Schedule a consultation with our professional electricians today! We’ll dispatch from Tampa, FL right away.  

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