How Standby Generators Work During a Power Outage


Power outages can be an annoyance, but extended power outages can also be dangerous to your family’s health and safety especially during a hot summer.  


A standby generator is a great way to ensure that your family is safe and comfortable during a power outage, whether it was caused by a storm or equipment failure.  


See how standby generators work during a power outage from our electricians at Integrity Home Solutions.  



What Are Standby Generators?  


Standby generators are always ready to supply power without needing to be turned on by a homeowner. Modern whole-home standby generators use natural gas or propane for fuel and will turn on at the first sign of a power interruption.  


Portable generators will need to be turned on manually during a power outage and can power multiple extension cords, electric power tools, and appliances. And unlike standby generators, portable generators can be easily moved wherever you need them and are rated by the amount of power that they produce. Generally, the more watts, the more items you can power up.  


Where Do I Install a Generator?  


whole-home permanent generator system is installed outside a home or business and connected to a long-term fuel supply to eliminate the need to refuel. Residential systems usually run on natural or propane gas, but some can run on diesel fuel.  


An automatic transfer switch connects the generator to your home’s electrical system and when the generator detects an outage, the engine automatically starts and turns on the alternator—the power generating unit in the generator. The alternator converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy to power your home.  


Does A Standby Generator Turn On Automatically? 


It’s on standby and ready to go whenever you need it to turn on. That’s one of the biggest pluses! The automatic transfer switch allows the generator to be a permanent solution for power outages. 


Depending on the model, it may have a load center with its own circuit breakers. Or your unit may control the main circuit breaker or a sub-panel on your house.  Some automatic transfer switches have capabilities for 240-volt high current loads.  


When an outage occurs, the transfer switch isolates and disconnects the generator from the utility power lines and powers up the generator. A typical switchover can take less than a minute, and once the utility restores power, the transfer switch will shut the generator off and reconnect to the power grid.  



Generator Options 


Permanent standby generators are currently in high demand so there is a shortage, and our local electricians have a solution for your needs if you cannot find a permanent generator to install 


A portable generator is a great solution but often comes with a mess of extension cords to deal with. A contractor from Integrity Home Solutions can install an interlock kit that allows one cord to run to your main power source and power the circuits that you want to use during an outage.  


Interlock kits are: 


  • Quick to install 
  • Portable 
  • Can use gas or propane 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Ready when you need to use 



Unsure of what kind of generator to purchase? Integrity Home Solutions can help! Call us today to schedule a consultation—813-473-6007!    


Managing Power During an Outage 


Your standby generator may not have the capacity to handle the entire load if you try to power up high-voltage appliances like air conditioners, water heaters, dryers, etc.  


But with a power management option, these loads will only run when the generator has sufficient power. This means your generator may force an appliance to shut off while another one runs to help conserve energy.  



Stay Powered During a Power Outage  


A standby generator can ensure that your family is safe and comfortable the next time there is an extended power outage. Integrity Home Solutions can help you decide whether a permanent generator or portable generator with an interlock kit is best for your needs.  


Have greater peace of mind (and keep your cool) the next time there is a power outage! Call our local experts to install an interlock kit or perform routine maintenance on your standby generator—813-473-6007!




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