5 Signs of Water Heater Failure

When you notice that your water heater isn’t working – there could be much more to the problem. Of course, there’s the annoying onset of being caught in a cold shower, but when your water heater fails, that could also cause costly damage to your home. If your water heater fails it will continue to pump water into your living space until the leak is discovered, and the main supply valve is shut off.  

Here are five of the top signs from our plumbing pros at Integrity Home Solutions that your water heater needs maintenance or replaced.  

#1. No Hot Water 

If you notice a lack of sufficient hot water when you are showering, doing the dishes, or washing clothes, this could be a sign of a failing hot water heater. 

Over time, mineral deposits separate and settle out at the bottom of the tank. These deposits will continue to build up and eventually create a barrier between the burner and the water in your tank. Therefore, less heat will be able to reach the water, sending lukewarm water through your pipes.  

If this sediment is allowed to build up, it can stress the heating element of your water heater and cause a leak or failure.  


Regular flushing of your water heater can help avoid many water heater problems. Call Integrity Home Solutions to schedule a water heater repair or replacement today—813-473-6007! 


#2. The Water Heater is Making Weird Noises  


Strange noises — such as popping, creaking, or rumbling — coming from your water heater should not be ignored. Mineral build-up and hard water can be to blame for weird noises as they can cause popping sounds and pockets of air.  


To avoid this issue, have your water heater flushed and have a licensed technician inspect the plumbing elements.  


If your water heater continues to make noise after being flushed, there could be a problem with the unit overall. Often, water heaters make noise when they are on the verge of cracking or leaking.  


#3. Your Water Doesn’t Smell or Look Right  


If you detect a metallic smell or the water looks murky, you might have a failing water heater on your hands. Cloudy water occurs when contaminants and hard water deposits have traveled out of the water tank and into the water supply. 

Metallic odors and tastes often accompany these deposits and can clog faucets and valves, reduce water flow, and cause other plumbing issues. 

To avoid this issue, have your unit inspected and add a water filter to help take care of the color or smell. If you notice rust, it can cause corrosion and leaks. Be proactive and replace rusty tanks and pipes before they cause more costly problems.  


If your water heater fails, up to 500 gallons per hour of water 
could be pumped into your home! 


#4. Leaking or Faulty Pressure Valve  

The pressure relief valve is an essential safety mechanism for your hot water heater. The temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR) valve relieves pressure and prevents dangerously high temperatures from building — preventing a burst tank or explosion.  

Rust, mineral deposits, and corrosion can cause the TPR valve to fail or freeze. A failed safety valve on a water heater can cause extensive damage.  

To avoid problems with the TPR valve, test it by putting a bucket beneath the valve and raise and lower the test lever several times. Do this so that it lifts the stem that the TPR valve is fastened to. 

Hot water should rush out of the drain pipe. If no water flows out or it’s just a trickle, call a plumber from Integrity Home Solutions immediately to replace the valve and ensure that your water heater is in proper working order.  

#5. Your Water Heater Tank is Leaking  

If you notice water puddling beneath your tank, corrosion may have caused a fracture in the bottom of your unit, or your TPR valve is leaking.  

Any signs of a hot water tank leaking require immediate action and possible replacement of the water heater. Remember — a leaking water heater can flood your entire home in just a few hours causing costly water damage.  

To avoid this costly issue, turn off your water supply at the first sign of a leak and call a plumber from Integrity Home Solutions like now. This will prevent a flood and the wasting of hundreds of gallons of water.  

If the leak is caused by the TPR valve, the valve element can likely be replaced — possibly saving you from replacing your entire water tank. If the leak is coming from the tank due to old age or corrosion, you will need to replace the water heater. 

Keep the Integrity of Your Unit & Avoid Water Heater Failure 

If you notice any of the signs of water heater failure, give our team of 5-star plumbers a call immediately. We will come to inspect your water heater and replace or repair your unit before any costly damage is done to your home and possessions.  

Don’t wait! If you notice any problems with your water heater, schedule an appointment with Integrity Home Solutions immediately—813-473-6007! 

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