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Home Comfort: Should I Set My AC Fan to Auto or On?


Living in the heat of Florida, where we keep our air conditioners on most of the year, you may be wondering if there is a way to save money on your monthly electric bill. Should you run your air conditioner less? Should the AC fan be set to “on” or “auto?” Does it matter?  


Well, it all depends! Let’s discuss what these settings do and the pros and cons of each!  



What Do These Settings Mean? 


Setting your AC thermostat to “AUTO” means that the fan will turn on automatically only when the system is heating or cooling. Once the thermostat reaches your desired temperature, the entire HVAC will shut off until the next cycle.  


Setting your thermostat to “ON” means that the fan will run continuously and blow air even when your HVAC system isn’t heating or cooling.  


Ultimately, how you set your thermostat is a personal preference. Next, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each setting so you can decide what is best for your home. 


Not sure whether “on” or “auto” is best for your home? Call our team at Integrity Home Solutions! We can recommend the perfect setting for you based on your unique home and needs. Schedule an appointment with our HVAC techs today; 813-473-6007!  


Pros and Cons of the “AUTO” Setting 


Here are some pros and cons to setting your AC thermostat to “AUTO.” 




  1. More Energy Efficiency


The “AUTO” setting runs only when the system is working towards heating or cooling to the set temperature, so it will not run continuously. Once it reaches the set temperature, it will turn off until the next cooling or heating cycle.  


  1. Better Humidity Control 


The “AUTO” setting acts as a dehumidifier as it pulls moisture from the air in your home and allows it to drain and drip outside. The “ON” setting does not do this.  


  1. Better Air Quality 


If you have enhanced filtration or a UV air purifier in your home, the air quality in your home will be much better as it is pulled through your system on the “AUTO” setting.  




  1. Less Even Air Distribution


Since your HVAC system will shut off when it reaches your set temperature, the “AUTO” setting does not allow for all rooms to be heated or cooled to the same level of comfort.  


  1. Increased System Stress


Frequently starting and stopping can put stress on your HVAC system, leading to malfunctions and breakdowns.  




In Florida, it is generally better to set the system to “AUTO” due to our humidity levels and the potential for mold growth.  



Pros and Cons of the “ON” Setting  


Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of the “ON” setting.  




  1. Even Distribution Of Heating Or Cooling 


The “ON” setting allows air to continuously flow throughout your home- something that does not happen if the thermostat is set to “AUTO.” 


  1. The Fan is Always Running 


Since the fan will run continuously, the stress put upon your system is minimal, unlike the cycling on and off that occurs when the system is set to “AUTO.”  




  1. The Fan is Running Continuously


Running the fan continuously can be a pro and a con, since running it non-stop can cause your electric bill to be higher. 


  1. Blower Motor Fan Can Wear Out Faster 


Since the fan is running continuously, parts such as the blower motor can wear out faster, costing you more money in repairs.  


  1. The Air Handler Can Get Clogged 


Because the air will flow through the air handler more often, it will become clogged more quickly. Air filters will likely need to be cleaned or changed more often.  


  1. Humidity Can be Higher 


The “ON” setting doesn’t pull moisture and humidity from the air like the “AUTO” setting does, which can lead to higher humidity levels throughout your home, and subsequent mold problems.  


  1. Cold or Warm Air Is Pulled Inside 


When your AC fan is set to “ON” the outside air will be pulled inside, thus making your home feel warmer or colder depending on the season. This can cause your HVAC system to work harder to cool or heat your house. There is no benefit to that! 


Reach Optimal Comfort at Home  


Though a personal preference, setting your thermostat to “ON” or “AUTO” can make a big difference to your energy bills, comfort, and system lifespan.  


If you have any questions about what might be best for your home or need seasonal maintenance performed on your HVAC system to ensure that it is working correctly, give our team at Integrity Home Solutions a call! We will inspect your system and make sure it will work seamlessly year-round.  


Call our 5-star rated HVAC pros at Integrity Home Solutions to schedule HVAC maintenance today; 813-473-6007!  

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