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How to Protect Your HVAC From Hurricane Damage

High winds. Heavy rain. Flooding. Storm surge. Power Surges. These are all things that could damage your HVAC unit if not properly protected during a tropical storm or hurricane. But don’t worry! While a hurricane is stressful, preparing your HVAC for a hurricane doesn’t have to be! 


Hurricane season is here again in the Sunshine State, but are you prepared? Follow these six tips from our team at Integrity Home Solutions to protect your HVAC from hurricane damage this season!  




  • You should act BEFORE the storm hits  
  • Make sure the surrounding area is secure 
  • Unplug or turn your HVAC off at the breaker when a hurricane is passing through 
  • Inspect your unit BEFORE turning it back on 
  • Call our team for maintenance after the storm passes  

Before a Hurricane Hits 


If you take the necessary steps to protect it, your HVAC unit can easily survive the wrath of a hurricane. If you don’t, you might find yourself needing to replace your system after the storm passes.  


Follow these hurricane preparedness tips: 


#1. Act Before the Storm Hits 


Do you know all those people who rush to get supplies the day before the storm is forecasted? Don’t be one of them!  


The time to prepare for a hurricane is NOW. 


Make sure that you have a high-quality tarp on hand that you can secure around the outdoor condenser unit to protect it from heavy rain and flying debris. Remember, not all tarps are equal. You get what you pay for, so choose a thick tarp made from vinyl or polyethylene to stand up to the elements.  


#2. Trim Branches and Secure Outdoor Items  


Any loose outdoor items around your home could be potential projectiles during a hurricane. If you have outdoor furniture, toys, or anything else around your yard, these objects could be sent flying into your HVAC when the wind starts howling. 


When you know that a storm is forecasted, remove any possible hazards from your yard and trim any nearby branches. This will protect your outdoor condenser unit as well as your windows.   


#3. Turn the Temperature Down  


Before the storm hits, turn the temperature down several degrees colder than usual. This way, your home is “pre-cooled” and will stay cooler for longer after you turn off your AC or the power goes out.  


Pro Tip: If you are in the path of a hurricane, you might lose power. We recommend disconnecting the power to your AC system ahead of time. Turning off breakers will help isolate equipment from lightning strikes and power surges, avoiding damage to important electrical systems 


A direct lightning strike could fry your entire HVAC system, and there isn’t much you can do about that, unfortunately. But you can help prevent power surges from damaging your electronics by installing a whole home surge protector.  


Taking the step of installing a whole home surge protector  

will give you peace of mind during a storm or hurricane. 


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After a Hurricane Passes  


Once the storm has blown over, you should inspect your HVAC system before turning it back on. Make sure that the outdoor unit is not submerged in any water. If it is, DO NOT turn it on. Instead, call the pros at Integrity Home Solutions to inspect it to avoid system damage or warranty issues.  


Things to look for: 


  • Is the AC under any water?  
  • Are all lines (refrigerant or electrical) intact, or are they damaged? 
  • Has the unit been hit by any debris?  
  • Is there evidence of electrical smoke?  
  • Is there a clicking or buzzing sound coming from the AC? 
  • Are the vents and fans clear of any debris? 


Failure to perform these important checks before turning the system back on could cause extensive damage to your entire system.  


If everything looks fine after an inspection, you should turn on the unit to start cooling your home and reduce humidity levels.  


If you notice any issues with your HVAC system after a hurricane rolls through, call on our team of HVAC professionals at Integrity Home Solutions! 

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Stay Safe This Hurricane Season  


We know hurricane season is stressful but keeping your HVAC unit running and your home cool doesn’t have to be! If you need help preparing your HVAC unit for a hurricane, an inspection after the storm passes, or repairs, our team is just a phone call away!  


Call our 5-star rated HVAC team at Integrity Home Solutions for hurricane season repairs and inspections in the Tampa Bay area; 813-473-6007!     

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