Is Your Thermostat Setting Affecting Your Productivity?

Your temperature preferences could be negatively impacting your productivity.  


From caffeine intake and even thermostat settings, many things can impact your performance at work. As changes occur in our environment, our mental capacity can also be affected.  


High temperatures in our office spaces can cause heat stress, while low temperatures can cause a decrease in mental clarity and output.  


Is your thermostat setting giving you brain fog in your home office or at the office? Let’s find out!  



Temperature Woes  


Temperature plays a prominent role in the comfort of everyone in your office, as well as in at-home office spaces.  


According to a job satisfaction survey in 2016, temperature  

is one of the biggest complaints in the workplace.  


It makes sense. When the body has to expend energy to stay warm or perspire, less energy is available to concentrate on the task at hand. The good news is that when the ideal temperature is met and comfort improved, focus follows.  


Environmental-Related Productivity Stats:  


  • When the temperature in an office is increased from 68 F to 77 F degrees, output increases by 150% 
  • The highest productivity level happens at around 71.6 F 
  • An office space with 100 people may have around 8-18 hours of wasted time each day due to the temperature. 


Heat Stress: A Performance Killer  


As the temperature rises in the workplace or your WFH office, your cortisol levels will rise, which may explain the irritability that some of us may experience while working. Cortisol isn’t the only reason for this irritability, though. This can also happen due to dehydration or heat stress. As temperatures rise above 90 degrees in our space, the effects of heat are will become most prevalent. 


Though you would have to be in excessive heat for prolonged periods to be affected by dehydration or heat stress, hot temperatures in the workplace are a common cause of lowered performance and output.  


Brrr! It’s Cold! 


Heat isn’t the only factor that affects productivity. If the temperature in your space is too low, your muscles will tense up and your mental energy will be focused on keeping your body warm, instead of your work.  


Further, motor function is reduced in cold office spaces. If your job requires physical labor, this will physically slow you down. Typing at a computer can also become difficult in a too-cold room.  


Tired of trying to regulate the temperature in the office? Contact Integrity Home Solutions to install a smart thermostat to keep your space at the ideal temperature all day long!  



Technology Issues


Temperatures don’t only impact office workers, but technology as well. Computers generate heat regardless of the indoor temperature, so if the office is hot, the hardware inside the computer will slow down to keep the inside components cool.  


Computers should be kept in areas around 70 degrees and  

will start to be impacted if exposed to temperatures of  

80 degrees or above.  


Cold temperatures are less likely to harm your electronics, but be warned, fluctuations in temperature can cause condensation to form which can damage hardware and cause data loss.  


Ultimately, keeping office spaces comfortable increases productivity and protects technology. It’s a win-win!  


Ideal Office Temperatures  


The US Department of Labor Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recommends that thermostats be set to 68-76°F to maximize performance and comfort.  


Another environmental factor that impacts work performance is humidity. Though there are no set rules for humidity levels in an office setting, OSHA suggests that the humidity in an office should be between 20-60% for the most comfortable workspace.  


The optimal indoor humidity level depends on the weather as well. In the winter, 30-50% is adequate, while 40-50% is ideal during the hot summer months.  


Tips for Boosting Work Performance at the Office  


Follow these tips for enhanced productivity in the office:  


  • Use a smart thermostat to regulate the temperature when you are in the office, and when you leave for the day. This can help save on energy costs too!  
  • Check the ergonomics of your workstation. Cold hands could be the result of poor posture that is restricting blood flow.  
  • Layer up. Whether you run hot or cold, having the freedom to take off or put on layers throughout the day is key to staying comfortable.  
  • Take breaks. Stretching and taking breaks throughout the day improve circulation by increasing your heart rate and getting your blood flowing.  


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Enhancing Workplace Productivity  


Whether you work from home or drive to the office every day, your comfort is KEY for your mental clarity and productivity levels. Boost your productivity and set the ideal temperature for focus with smart thermostats, dehumidifiers, or efficient HVAC systems, installed by our team at Integrity Home Solutions!  


Call Integrity Home Solutions to schedule a consultation today at 813-473-6007!  


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