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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keep Your AC Running Smoothly In the Greater Tampa Bay Area

What if we told you that AC maintenance not only saves you piles of money, but it greatly extends the life of your AC unit?

It does.

As Tampa Bay area HVAC experts, we cannot overemphasize the significance of regular maintenance. You’ll save money by ensuring everything is well-functioning and performing in an energy-efficient way. You’ll delay the expense of a new AC installation and deal with fewer repairs.

How to Get Your AC Summer Ready For Tampa Bay Area Heat

There are several things we do when we come to inspect and ready your AC for the sweltering summer season. These services include:

  • Test temperatures: Maybe this one’s a little obvious but we always test temperatures coming from your vents to ensure your thermostat is functioning properly and delivering on the temperature it promises.
  • Inspect your evaporator coil: These coils can become encased in dust which needs to be removed for them to function properly and cost efficiently.
  • Check the fan: The fan blades are easily bent and can cause a reduction in airflow.
  • Examine the drain and drain line: Ensure your drain line is properly moving moisture and that the actual drain is free from any blockage.

Let Integrity Take Care of All of Your AC Maintenance Needs

We get it. Spring is a busy time. There are graduations, weddings, school sports and so many more things going on at the same time. You are being pulled in a million directions. How do you remember maintenance so that you don’t end up on the very bottom of some company’s “needs summer maintenance” list sometime in May?

Integrity can schedule you for a visit or sign you up for our Priority Partner Plan, where you’ll receive gold star services and actually be treated as a priority-status customer.

We truly care about our customers and don’t want your utility bills fattened up by inefficient components in your vital AC system. This is Tampa - the heat is no joke. Spare yourself a middle-of-the-night repair call and call today.

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