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Tampa Bay Air Handler Service

Integrity Home Solutions Has the Air Handler For Your Home

There are so many ins and outs of owning your own home that it’s particularly pleasing to learn that one piece of equipment doubles as another, keeping you comfortable and cool or cozy and warm, depending on your current needs.

Like other HVAC components, an air handler is a sizable metal box that contains the blower, the evaporator coil and the heat strip.

Air handlers function to drive both cool and warm air throughout your home and to draw in air from the outside to prepare it for conditioning. These handlers operate with your HVAC system and are sometimes known as blowers because of their role in circulating the conditioned air coming from your HVAC. For Tampa Bay residents, it’s very likely that your air handler’s primary function will be to complement the central air system by pulling in hot air and then distributing it as cool air to the rest of your home.

Whether you have an air handler that’s aging or an air handler that is simply out of date, the benefits of new air handlers are many.

3 Key Benefits of Installing a New Air Handler for Your Tampa Bay Home

  • Less Air Leakage: Older units will leak air, leading to a less powerful and efficient system and more money spent on utility bills for non-optimum services.
  • Better Reliability: Like most good things, air handlers come to an end. A new system will bring you increased reliability and energy efficiency.
  • Cutting Edge Air Filtration: Air handlers keep the downstream air components bringing you cleaner air that feels fresher to breathe.
  • Smooth & Quiet Operation: As your unit ages, much like your own creaky joints, your air handler will begin to make noise. A newer unit will operate more efficiently and spare you the sound effects.

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