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Category: Heating

5 Reasons Why You Need a Fall HVAC Tune-Up
  The fall season is one of the best times to get an HVAC tune-up. But you may be thinking…fall…cold weather…Florida?! But despite the same pretty consistent weather temperatures, it…
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Florida Weather: Cold Fronts and Your Home
Florida Weather: Cold Fronts and Your Home Florida doesn’t get “very cold” often, but when it does, crazy things happen…like iguanas falling out of trees! Remember that brief…
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Why Does My System Smell Like It’s Burning?!
The heater is on, but it smells like something is on fire! Wait…. hold off on calling the fire department. This burning odor is actually a very common…
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Differences between Commercial and Residential HVAC Systems
Powering for comfort at home is very different than what’s needed in an office space or restaurant.  Of course, both residential and commercial HVAC systems will heat, cool…
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How to Create an HVAC Maintenance Plan
Designing Your AC Maintenance Plan Are you renting on a month-to-month basis? Leasing a property for a short-term period of time? Are you a frequent…
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Behind The HVAC Scenes: Who Invented The AC & Heating Unit?
Do you ever wonder how our forefathers kept cool before the invention of air conditioning? (We know you do) Back in time, in ancient Egypt,…
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