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Category: Plumbing

Six Scary Plumbing Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore
Who You Gonna Call...?  Is your house starting to sound like a haunted house? While October is usually full of good old-fashioned frights, your plumbing system should not be in on…
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5 Questions to Ask Your Plumbing Repair Company
When you are experiencing a plumbing emergency you may not have time to properly vet potential plumbing companies. You may be panicked and pick the first plumbing company…
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Protecting Your Septic System
Does your home require the use of a septic tank? Or maybe you are considering purchasing a new home near Tampa with a septic system? Either way, whether…
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Drain Clearing Methods
Water not draining properly? Unexplainable foul odor? The solution to these issues could be as simple as cleaning out your drains! But don’t wait. A…
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How The Parts Of Your Plumbing System Work Together
Have you ever stopped to think about your home’s plumbing system and how it all works together? With most of the plumbing hidden behind your home’s walls, it…
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Toilet Gurgling: What It Means (And How to Fix It)
Have you noticed recently your toilet making odd noises, almost as if it was gurgling? Maybe you have seen bubbles in your toilet. Or perhaps…
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What’s the Average Cost to re-pipe or plumb a House in Florida? 
I think we can all agree that re-piping or re-plumbing is definitely not a homeowner’s first choice. Most would agree that a simple plumbing repair…
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Let’s Find the Leak! Detection Services
Integrity Home Solutions Will Find Your Kitchen Leak Has your water bill been drastically higher than usual lately? Have you noticed a foul or musty…
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Fixing Loose Toilet Parts
Fixing Loose Toilet Parts   Many common toilet problems can be fixed by making minor adjustments. Loose parts, such as the toilet handle or toilet…
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The 5 Most Common Commercial Plumbing Issues
Plumbing issues between commercial properties and residential homes can vary greatly. Commercial properties see more activity and usage than a regular home and the plumbing…
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How to Find and Turn Off Your Home’s Main Water Shut Off Valve
You do not want to wait until there is a plumbing emergency and you have water gushing through your home uncontrollably to finally figure out…
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Your Home Guide: Clogged Toilet Repair
Does it seem like you’re always dealing with a clogged toilet? Are you plunging your toilet more than you would like? This is definitely not a fun…
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