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Florida may be known for its sunshine and beaches, but for those who live here, we also know that humidity can be a major problem. Excess humidity is not only stifling, but also it can damage if your home. Integrity Home Solutions can help! We offer air conditioner dehumidifier installations that can help control the humidity in your home, keeping you safe and comfortable. As your indoor air quality contractors, we have the expertise needed to make significant changes to the air you breathe in your home, making it safer for you and your family.


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How Does an AC Dehumidifier Work?

An air conditioner dehumidifier works in conjunction with your AC unit to measure and limit the amount of moisture in the air. Using something similar to a thermostat, it gauges the humidity levels in the air. If levels rise to a certain point, the humidifier kicks on and helps to remove excess moisture.

4 Signs There is Excess Humidity in Your Home

If there’s excess moisture in your home, there’s a high chance you already know it. However, if you are looking for some additional signs, a few to look for include:

  • STUFFY CONDITIONS: Humidity is uncomfortable because it makes homes stuffy. Imagine if your furniture, clothing, and just about any other surfaces in your home had a film of moisture on them. This can make anyone uncomfortable, especially during the hot Tampa Bay summer months.
  • RESPIRATORY ISSUES: Excess moisture can go beyond a matter of comfort, and directly affect your health. Excess humidity is commonly known to cause respiratory issues including congestion, allergy flare-ups, and more.
  • WATER DAMAGE: The excess water in the air is eventually converting into surface water, which can easily cause damage to your baseboards, walls, and ceilings. Too much moisture can even deteriorate wood in your home leading to significant repair costs if left unchecked.
  • MOLD GROWTH:The most serious of all the issues is mold growth. Black mold is deadly, and can quickly grow when conditions are moist and warm. If you see any mold growing around baseboards or on walls, call for immediate help.
  • We are your indoor air quality contractors, and we can help control the moisture in your home with expert dehumidifier installation services. Once a dehumidifier is in place, you will quickly see a significant improvement in the environment of your home.

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At Integrity Home Solutions, we’re homeowners too, which is why we understand the importance of indoor air quality. Not only does it affect your comfort in your home, but also it can have a serious impact on your health. With an AC dehumidifier in place, you can see a significant improvement in your health and the functionality of your air conditioner.


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