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Dishwasher Installation in Tampa Bay

Let Integrity Home Solutions Take Care of Your Dirty Dishes

If you’ve been washing your dishes by hand, the installation of a dishwasher not only provides delightful relief for your dish-pan hands, but it also contributes to a happier family life. Energy Star estimates that dishwashing by hand will occupy the washer around 230 hours a year. That is time you could be with family, helping with homework, cuddling up with some Netflix or giving the dog that extended walk you keep promising.

What’s more is that dishwashing by hand consumes far more water than dishwashing by machine. You’ll save money and not waste a finite resource by making things a bit easier on yourself and your family.

Installing a new dishwasher will also contribute to the cleanliness and sanitation of your kitchen. Without stacked dirty plates or drying drinking glasses, you’ll have more counter space and your kitchen will appear cleaner and less cluttered. Plus, there’s no user error when using an automatic dishwasher. You can enjoy safer surfaces and cleaner dishes and utensils.

Washing Dishes Isn’t That Inconvenient, Why Do I Need A Dishwasher?

By far, the most important reason to get a dishwasher is that it will clean your dishes and utensils far better than one can do by hand. Even if you use the hottest water and a new sponge with every dish, the water in a dishwasher is hotter. Human hands can’t compete with the repetitive cycles of a dishwasher, soaking your plates and utensils in scalding hot water. Like boiling something to get it clean, this scalding hot water sanitizes the plate for future use.

Have you ever eaten with a hand washed plate and found that there are food particles dried on to your plate and your utensils have a greasy sheen? Think about it: if the food and grease isn’t off, what about the bacteria that will surely remain on the plate?

Today’s research says it is no contest for what is safer to do with your dishes. Washing in the dishwasher acts as a sanitizer, killing bacteria and germs.

One last perk: every year numerous Americans believe they’ve suffered food poisoning, but there is another possible cause for gastric discomfort after a meal. While food poisoning appears in about 24 hours, your immediate stomach reaction may come from soap residue left on plates, a common result of handwashing. Soap ingestion can cause similar symptoms to eating food laced with bacteria.

Integrity Home Solutions is your dishwashing expert. Call 813-575-7772 today to discuss your dishwasher needs and you can trade your scrubbing time for anything-else-you-want-to-do time.

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