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Duct Services

Tampa Bay Ductwork Installation & Repair

Think of your ductwork as the main airway of your home. Ducts are often unseen, hidden by our drywall and quietly whooshing away while we mindlessly breathe at home. Science is discovering more and more reasons why we should care about what we inhale. Your ductwork plays a role in that, as well as in the energy footprint (and utility bills!) of your Greater Tampa Bay Area home.

Integrity Home Solutions Are Your Tampa Duct Experts

While ducts are simple in appearance, they should never be installed by a non-HVAC expert. Our technicians understand why ducts should be installed in such a way that they do not tear or come loose.

Any gap in your ducts is your cooled (or warmed) air wasted, and causes depleted strength of airflow coming from your vents. Poorly installed ducts can waste up to 35% of your conditioned air. Having Integrity fix your duct system could save you $100s year over year!

3 Reasons To Care About Your Ducts

  • Savings: When working properly, they can save you on your energy bills. When no air is released throughout the system, your AC or heat is functioning at far greater cost savings.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Your ducts can affect the air you breathe. If contaminated with dust or dirt, that dust and dirt will make it in your home’s main airflow.
  • Safety: Improper duct work can “backdraft” into appliances like your stove or furnace and cause possible carbon monoxide inhalation. It only takes eight hours of breathing carbon monoxide for the result to be fatal.

Integrity Home Solutions doesn’t do shoddy work. If we install or clean your duct work, you can rest assured that it’s installed properly and keeping your system energy efficient and free of contaminants. Call 813-575-7772 today to schedule a visit or to talk about services.

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