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Electronic Air Cleaner

Integrity Home Solutions Is Your Tampa Bay Clean Air Expert

Paired with a well-working, Integrity-installed HVAC, electronic air cleans can be the answer to dusty or smoky air in your home. Pet dander, mold spores, bacteria and other impurities can be recycled and spread by your HVAC if you do not have one of these handy cleaners in place. These electronic cleaners also combat air pollution such as smog.

The Environmental Protection Agency says there is 200 times the pollution in the family home rather than out. That’s because without these filters, dirty air is drawn in, conditioned to be warm or cold and then dispersed about the house. As it’s drawn back into the HVAC it is recycled.

My Air Seems Clean - Why Hire Integrity Home Solutions to Clean It

While you may never notice a difference between having the air cleaner and having a regular filter on its own, your allergy suffering family members may be the first to appreciate the noticeable difference in airborne pet dander.

As for smoke and other particulates, those family members who suffer from asthma, frequent lung infection, COPD or other breathing disorders that affect the lungs will notice that their throats and lungs don’t become as agitated as when they are inhaling things not meant to be inhaled. Coughing can often be an auto response to previous coughing because the lungs are already agitated. Relieve your family member from unnecessary coughing fits by installing an electronic cleaner today.

At Integrity Home Solutions, we consider ourselves indoor air quality experts. We know exactly what dangers can be carried through a home’s air and the exact defense devices we can use to minimize their impact.

Call Integrity Home Solutions at 813-575-7772 today to talk about the variety of air cleaners we have and why an electronic cleaner may be the best option for your home HVAC system.

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