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Faucet Installation

Integrity Home Solutions - Your Faucet Installation Pros in Tampa Bay

Faucet installation is no job for the untrained. Even some DIY sites have so many cautionary steps that the reader can infer that faucet installation is no small job. For a novice, this project could be a daylong and daunting task involving multiple visits to the hardware store and probably a lot of online advice.

Like with toilet installation, mistakes made while installing your new faucet can be expensive or destructive to your property. You are always best hiring a professional plumber from Integrity. Our skill, practicality, caution and awareness of danger allows us to stand heads taller than our competitors.

Faucet Repair Mistakes

Most hardware store owners can tell you about the folks that wander in the store because they are attempting a faucet replacement or another replacement that should be done by a professional. Often they have nothing with them to gauge the correct size of the components they are shopping for. (If you are going to attempt this task, please take your old faucet with you so that a store representative can understand exactly what you are looking for.)

Another common mistake of novice plumbers and DIY home improvers, is reusing all parts. Yes, it may save you a few dollars right now. But it won’t in the long run. Eventually you’ll find yourself making a repair call when that part gives in due to its age.

Not turning off the water supply before removing the old faucet is a mistake even the flakiest competitor shouldn’t make, but clients have had the experience when they’ve tried to go it alone instead of hiring a professional.

Finally, threading is incredibly important. If you are not using plumber’s putty or plumber’s tape, you run the risk of frequent leaks which will corrode your pipes and damage your home.

Trust Your Faucet Installation to Integrity Home Solutions

Call Integrity for your next bathroom faucet installation. We can do the job quickly, accurately and without a mess. Call 813-575-7772 today to get started.

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