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Gas Water Heater

Get The Right Water Heater for Your Tampa Bay Home

Gas water heaters are the less common water heaters compared to electric water heaters, yet they allow for more savings per year.

Several studies have been done to confirm that, regardless of rates, it’s almost always cheaper to go with gas than electric. Electricity always costs more than fuel, which can surprise some people given that the news is often crowing about rising gas prices. Consumer Reports estimates that running a gas water heater costs half the price of running an electric water heater.

While gas water heaters are more complicated and expensive to install, energy researchers say that money is recouped in a year with the money you are saving on hot water. If you have multiple fuel options in your area, consult your local utility companies to see what fuel will be cheapest to run your water heater on.

What Sets Gas Water Heaters Apart?

Unlike electric water heaters, an interruption in power, such as those common in our Florida hurricanes, doesn’t cut off your hot water. Imagine not having access to hot water in this day and age. How do you wash the laundry? How do you scrub the grease off a plate or run a dishwasher? How do you run your young son’s bath or heat a baby bottle? These are all tasks that are impossible to do with an electric water heater during a black out, that you could easily do if you had a gas powered water heater.

The Department of Energy strongly recommends that you hire a professional to install any water heater. This is especially true of gas water heaters that need to be plumbed with your gas lines. Much like with an HVAC system, the installation can affect performance for the life of the water heater.

If you’re in the Tampa area and looking for a highly regarded plumbing company that can safely and correctly install your water heater, there’s not a better company out there than Integrity Home Solutions. Our installers can talk to you about the types of water heaters available, the type that might best fit your home and most importantly, the type that might best fit your family’s water needs.

Call 813-575-7772 today to make an appointment or ask any questions you may have about water heaters. We look forward to serving you!

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