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Heating Repair

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If you’ve lived in the deep south for most of your life, you know we are blessed with mild winters. However, even mild winters will tax a heating system. We know our heating systems can make some loud noises when coming on or kicking on for the entire home. But there are other noises — things you shouldn’t hear — that could indicate your Tampa Bay heating system could use a visit from Integrity Home Solutions.

5 Common Signs Your Heater May Need Service

Creepy Noises: Sure there’s a season for creaks and mysterious sounds in your home. But when it’s not Halloween and you’re hearing sounds from the heater that drown out your family dinner conversation, your system is in need of a visit from Integrity Home Solutions.

Low Heat Flow: Your house may still feel warm, but when you place your hand up against a vent it feels like the vent is blocked somehow and only a percentage of the regular air flow is emerging. This may have to do with your filter or another issue. Call Integrity for our knowing repairs.

It Won’t Turn On: Okay, so this one is obvious, but if your machine doesn’t turn on or is slow to turn on, you’ll need Integrity Home Solutions to come out and troubleshoot.

Short Cycling: If your unit is frequently turning on and off without ever seeming to successfully heat your home, something is wrong. It could be an electrical issue or a thermostat problem, or even a clogged filter. We can diagnose and fix the problem quickly and easily.

Thermostat Doesn’t Match The Temperature: A faulty thermostat can be a common cause of home heating malfunction. How can you possibly control the temperature when you don’t know how it matches up with your heat output.

Call Integrity Home Solutions For Heating Repair

Heating repair may not be your top priority, but with wildly changing weather patterns, we encourage you to give good thought to your heating system and whether it’s operational this season. Call 813-575-7772 for expert heating repair today.

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