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HVAC Services in Tampa Bay

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When you google HVAC, so many names and companies come up that it could make a person dizzy. However, if you’re in Tampa and you trust reviews more than the word of a business owner (as you should), read our reviews and learn why we are so highly-rated, often complimented and earn raving reviews from home and business owners.

You’ll see that we do a whole lot of plumbing services, but HVAC is our passion. The condition of a home or business’ air is so important for individual comfort, our primary goal. That’s why HVAC work is a natural fit for us. We care a lot about our customers’ comfort and that concern leads us to do the best job we possibly can for all of our clients.

How do I find the best HVAC contractor near Tampa FL?

Some ways to find the best HVAC contractor in Tampa, FL include: 


  • Check to see if the company has licenses and certifications (EPA, NATE and Diamond) 
  • Ask your family and friends for recommendations or look at reviews online 
  • Compare rates for services such as general repairs and maintenance plans 

Finding the best HVAC contractor for your needs is a tedious process, but it pays off in the end. Learning about other people’s experiences with HVAC contractors is a great way to begin your search. To learn more about our HVAC services, give us a call today .

How much does it cost to get HVAC inspected near Tampa FL?

It costs around $250-$450 to get your HVAC inspected in Tampa, FL. Most inspections will include a check of your: 


  • Ductwork 
  • Furnace 
  • Air conditioner 


This includes checking drain lines, evaporators coils, electrical connections and other components within your HVAC system. Most HVAC maintenance plans include regular inspections of your unit, making them a great option for keeping your system well maintained. Call us today to get your HVAC inspected. 

What is the average price to replace an HVAC system near Tampa FL?
The average price to replace an HVAC system is between $6,000-$9,000 in Tampa, FL. However, some factors that impact the price are:   
  • The size of your home 
  • The type of HVAC unit you want installed 
  • The cost to remove the old unit and install the new unit 
  Getting your HVAC replaced is a good way to save money on future energy bills as well as upgrade your unit to a newer and more efficient model. If you are thinking about getting your HVAC system replaced, contact Integrity Home Solutions today .

What Can Integrity Do For Your HVAC

HVAC refers to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We work on all kinds of heating and cooling appliances. Our HVAC serves as an umbrella over all of those services. This includes heat pumps, air conditioners, ductless systems and indoor air quality solutions.

Other Integrity Options For Heating & Cooling

Integrity offers dozens of services for different appliances used to heat or cool the home. Call 813-575-7772 today to talk about your HVAC issues. Our expert technicians will not only help you, they will absolutely wow you when it comes to the quality of their work

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