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Kitchen Leak Repair

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Maybe you discovered the location of the leak using our expert leak detection services or maybe you’re hearing drips at night, driving yourself crazy about where they are coming from. Either way, kitchen leaks are one of our specialties.

Often, especially with faucets, a single washer could be responsible for the leak and easily replaced to bring your kitchen into working order. If the leak is under your sink, then your floors and anything below could be damaged. No worries! We’ll fix the leak before it does irreversible damage to your home.

Call Integrity For Your Kitchen Leak Repair

Kitchen leaks are not something amateurs should mess with. You risk breaking your expensive equipment or causing damage that will cost much more than the original repair to fix.

Since it’s often that we don’t know where the leak originated, it’s important to know common sources of shower leaks.

Faucet Leaking At Base: You’ll notice this problem when you see water pooling around the faucet base. Typically caused by a worn out washer or gasket, this can be a fairly routine repair.

Under the Sink Leaks: Sometimes there won’t be dripping or pooling, but you’ll open the cabinet under your sink to discover your cleaning supplies are soaked. This could cause eventual floor problems, but it also suggests problems with your water line.

Drain Leaks: This can be a fast or longer repair depending on the condition of your sink. Drains are mostly installed using plumber’s putty. Even if the plumber doesn’t skip on the putty, it can become worn and thin and disintegrate over time. This is an easy fix involving more putty. There’s also the possibility that your drain is old and not functioning properly. In this instance, Integrity can install a new drain.

Broken Down O-rings or Washers: These small pieces of hardware play a surprisingly large role in the functioning of our plumbing. Check or ask our plumbers to check the washers and o-rings in any location where there is a leak.

Call Integrity for Trusted Kitchen Leak Repair

If you have a kitchen leak, whether you know the source or need someone to find it, Integrity Home Solutions is the most qualified company in the Tampa Bay area to handle your kitchen leak repair concerns. Call 813-575-7772 today.

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