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Media Air Cleaners

Breathe Clean, Healthy Air In Your Tampa Area Home

There are significantly more pollutants in your home than in your backyard’s fresh air. This is because they cycle and recycle through our heating and air conditioning systems, each time causing allergy symptoms, lung irritation and possible health issues with those who have respiratory health issues.

As your Tampa Bay indoor air quality experts, Integrity Home Solutions offers several air cleaners to combat these particulates in your home’s air. Media air cleaners are an excellent way to significantly reduce the amount of pollutants and particles your family is exposed to.

Common unwanted particles in our air supply include mold spores, animal dander, dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses. The air can also contain gases and volatile organic compounds. For a healthy person, these particles can be irritants causing dry throats and a cough. For those with compromised immune systems, these particles could lead to severe illness and other health complication

How Do Media Air Cleaners Work?

Compared to a traditional air filter, media cleaners are about 40 times more effective than the 1” filter typically installed in HVAC units. Media air filters are 4” or 5” thick, allowing for better filtering of your air. It’s estimated that the media cleaner gets rid of 98% of unhealthy particles. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends air cleaners as the best way of filtering out the most particles and pollutants from our inside air.

Typically installed in a return duct to act as defense from the air being pulled into your home, the filters are typically housed in a box or cabinet. When air enters your return ducts, the media cleaner defends your air supply by filtering particulates out of the air before it is recycled back through your HVAC system.

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