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Outdoor Faucets

Integrity Home Solutions Will Secure Your Outdoor Water Source

There’s no end to the convenience of an outdoor faucet. Gardening and watering the lawn no longer require pails of water and a heavy, dripping gardening can. They can be hooked to sprinklers or attached to a hose for easy watering and possible surprise water attacks. In the Tampa area, outdoor faucets are practically a requirement of homeownership.

Unfortunately, the position of the faucet can make it susceptible to temperature changes. It can also become the source of leaks undiscovered until the water bill arrives. To prevent sneaky leaks and issues with your outdoor faucet hire the team you know will install your faucet correctly and keep it free of blockages and leaks.

Integrity Home Solutions of Tampa Bay knows the ins and outs of plumbing. From your sink to your sewer lines, we can help with any plumbing related task.

Outdoor Faucet Maintenance & Installation by Integrity

While winterizing your faucet (or spigot, as it is sometimes called) is not so much of a problem in Tampa and the surrounding area, worrying about chemicals and backflow is something of concern. Let Integrity’s plumbing experts ensure that your home is safe from pesticides, fertilizer and more.

In the rare case you suddenly lose water pressure — for instance, if a fire hydrant is being used down the street — you can risk something called “backflow,” where water from outside can creep into your garden hose or faucet and make its way into your family’s drinking supply. Given that much of what we put on our plants and grass is not meant for human consumption, a backflow event could endanger your family’s health.

When having an outdoor faucet installed or repaired, make sure your plumber is licensed and able to complete the work safely so you don’t face dangerous consequences. Integrity’s plumbers have the knowledge and experience to ensure your outdoor faucets are safe.

Outdoor Faucet Installation with Integrity

Plumbing experts, even those that encourage you to try some DIY plumbing repairs, caution against installing an outdoor faucet yourself. Because of the number of complications and possibilities of errors causing contamination and water usage waste, it is always best to have one of our licensed and insured plumbers to add an outdoor faucet to your home. Call Integrity Home Solutions today at 813-575-7772 to plan the installation or repair of your outdoor faucet. We look forward to working with you!

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