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Programmable Thermostats

Integrity Can Give You Control Of Your Tampa Bay Home

Part of the suite of Smart Home products, programmable thermostats are an excellent way to save energy and money while taking a break from constantly having to monitor and adjust the temperatures in your home.

At Integrity, we encourage our customers to take advantage of these devices, which can adjust themselves based on your settings, or by learning your preferences and routine over time.

What Makes A Smart Thermostat A Smart Choice?

One big perk to having a programmable thermostat is energy savings. By setting it to use an energy-efficient temperature when you’re away from home and a comfortable temperature when you’re at home, you can save $100s each year on cooling and heating costs!

Another large benefit of programmable thermostats? Zoning. This is where you can designate different heat or air environments in different areas of your home. That bedroom down the hall your college aged son moved out of can be kept warm, while you make sure that your bedroom and living room stay as cool as they need to be to combat the Tampa heat.

Convenience is another big draw for these smart thermostats. Making many trips to and from the thermostat each day can be annoying and easy to forget. But with a programmable thermostat, you set your preferences at installation and don’t have to worry about it again. Plus, you can connect your thermostat to an app on your phone or tablet, so if you decide to take an impromptu trip out of town, you can adjust your thermostat settings from your phone and enjoy your trip without wasting money on air conditioning you won’t be using!

Start Enjoying The Perks Of A Programmable Thermostat

Call Integrity Home Solutions at 813-575-7772 today to learn more about programmable thermostats and other Smart Home products. We’ll take the guesswork out of selecting a piece of technology that will minimize your energy consumption and utility bills.

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