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Protecting Your Septic System

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Does your home require the use of a septic tank? Or maybe you are considering purchasing a new home near Tampa with a septic system? Either way, whether you are new to the idea of a septic system or have been living with one for a while, it is always good to become familiar with ways to protect your septic system. 


Well-Functioning Septic System 


A septic system works by holding the wastewater long enough for the solids to settle out (forming a sludge) allowing oil and grease to float to the surface (scum). Partial decomposition of the solid materials also occurs.  


A typical system has four main components: 



Some homeowners may not even be able to easily locate your septic system as everything is buried underground in a watertight container.  


Call our veteran septic system maintenance and repair company. Integrity Home Solutions in Tampa, FL is available by phone, online chat, or text. Contact us today! 813-328-1550


Maintaining Your Septic System 


If your home uses a septic system, you should take steps to maintain your system. Or risk an inconvenient and expensive septic backup. But what exactly does system maintenance entail, and is it something you should DIY?   


Ongoing septic system maintenance is not overly complicated and it is not as expensive as you would think. This is an important investment for your home, health, and environment. If you fail to properly maintain your septic system you run the risk of contaminating the groundwater, which could possibly be the source of your drinking water as well. 


Ways To Protect Your Septic Tank 


With regular and proper maintenance, a septic system can last anywhere from 25-30 years. But what are things that you should consider when you have a septic system? The biggest thing to remember is that you cannot treat it the same as you would the public sewer system; they are a lot more fickle. 


Do not overload the tank or drain field. 

Too much water can be troublesome for your system. Try to: 



Maintain your drain field 



Properly dispose of waste. 


Do not flush or put anything down the drain besides human waste or toilet paper. These items should never go down your drain or toilet, especially if your home has a septic system: 



Regular Maintenance 


Septic tanks require periodic maintenance. Care and maintenance are crucial; regular maintenance generally runs from $100-$300 whereas replacing an entire septic system that has been neglected or not care for properly can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000.  


While it is your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure septic system maintenance happens, you should leave the actual work to the professionals. This is due to the germs and hazardous odors and gas that are innate to septic tanks. 


Generally speaking, household septic tanks should be pumped every 3-5 years. This can vary depending on: 



In addition to pumping every 3-5 years, it is also good to have a yearly inspection. This again is not a DIY project. A trained professional will check the mechanical parts, pumps, electrical float switches, and all other component parts. We’ll also look for obstructions to make sure your septic system runs properly. 



Need Septic System Maintenance? 


At Integrity Home Solutions, we are experienced in septic system maintenance and repair. We are equipped to safely handle dangerous odors and fumes. Through our experience and knowledge, we will make sure you never have to worry about dangerous leaks or contamination. 


We are available by phone 813-328-1550 – or you can talk to our customer service representatives online through chat or text. You can trust us to maintain your septic system properly; call us to do the work for you! 

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