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Cutting Edge Technologies for Your Tampa Bay Home

Smart Home early adopters can sometimes sound like they are talking about their new religion. The convenience, energy savings and security of a Smart Home are somewhat addictive (and apparently, hard to not talk about). Once you’ve achieved control over almost everything in your house, you may understand a little bit better why Smart Home users urge everyone they know to take on the same convenience. Soon, you’ll wonder why you can’t push a button to get the kids bikes into the garage or push another button and have your lawn mowed!

The phrase “Smart Home” can be a little intimidating for some. It also gets overused when the speaker fails to understand that a Smart Home is a home with automation for everything from electric lights, thermostats, entertainment devices, door locks and more.

Integrity Solutions Can Bring You Into The Future

Home automation is not a new concept. Items like washing machines were invented so that we would not have to do the task by hand. Soon, automated appliances are expected to outnumber our stand-alone devices. Your hair dryer and your baking mixer will never feel so alone.

One form of automation we are already familiar with are smoke and CO2 detectors. Here a few other systems currently offered for Smart Homes.

Appliance Control: While no one dreams of zombie refrigerators, a washing machine that automatically adjusts its water level based on load size sensors will save you money and water.

Occupancy Testing: While motion detectors have been common for years, they are often turned off because of their overactive sensors. In these Occupancy-aware control systems smart meters and environmental sensors can determine if someone is in the home. This is a great tool for keeping track of kids who return home before their parents — as well as for detecting intruders.

HVAC Control: Currently, you can have control of all energy monitors in your home, including ventilation. Should the day heat up unexpectedly, use remote control technology to turn up your AC. Cool, breezy day? Use the remote to improve ventilation.

Lighting Control: How often do you run out of the house in the morning and realize you’ve left a telling trail of lights on, from the closet, to the bathroom, to the kitchen? Now you can adjust the lighting in your home from elsewhere, conserving energy and maximizing control of your personal environment.

There are so many more options for Smart Home living. Give Integrity Home Solutions a call at 813-575-7772 to learn what conveniences you may be able to have installed, as well as services that may be coming in the future.

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