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Do Energy Efficient Air Conditioners Qualify for Tax Credits?  

It’s getting to be that time of year here in Florida…you know, the time of year when you’re running your AC full blast to keep cool! But if your system is old and inefficient, all that cooling could be costing you a lot of money on your energy bill.   This is where a newer energy-efficient

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New HVAC System? Here’s How to Get the Best Results!  

Just invested in a new HVAC system? You’ll want to protect your new unit and keep it running smoothly.  We care about the integrity of your home; let us provide you with all the necessary knowledge to keep your HVAC running well year-round. You know we’re all for achieving maximum efficiency.   Ready? Let’s get into

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What Makes an HVAC System Efficient? 

If you are planning on purchasing a new air conditioner, efficiency is probably one of the most important factors on your list. That’s great! After all, a new energy-efficient air conditioner can be beneficial for both your wallet and the environment.   But what makes an HVAC system efficient? Should you just focus on the HVAC’s

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8 Energy Savings Tips for Summer

It’s not even “officially” summer yet, but it sure is heating up! Aside from making all of us want to retreat into our air-conditioned homes, these hot summer days can be disastrous for your wallet. Why? Because the largest part of your energy bill comes from your home’s HVAC system.     With your AC running

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