What is a Backup Generator Interlock Kit?

  Are you prepared if the power goes out during a storm this hurricane season? While a portable backup generator is a great solution to power your must-have appliances like the refrigerator or HVAC system, there is a pressing question that needs answering: How do you get power to these important appliances?    With a

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How to Protect Your HVAC From Hurricane Damage

  High winds. Heavy rain. Flooding. Storm surge. Power Surges. These are all things that could damage your HVAC unit if not properly protected during a tropical storm or hurricane. But don’t worry! While a hurricane is stressful, preparing your HVAC for a hurricane doesn’t have to be!    Hurricane season is here again in

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Why You Need Whole-Home Storm Surge Protection

    The Tampa Bay area is considered the lightning capital of the United States, so protecting your home from storm damage is essential. An intense electrical storm — or even small surges through your home’s wiring — can wreak havoc on your electronics.     Our professionals at Integrity Home Solutions explain the importance of

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