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Tankless Water Heater

Integrity Home Solutions Has Your Tankless Answer

To some of us, the words “tankless” and “water heater” don’t go together. After all, isn’t a water heater a big tank of water?

In Tampa Bay, where Integrity Home Solutions is located, tankless water heaters are gaining popularity as people realize it delivers instant hot water instead of wasting water during the minutes “heating up” your shower or dishwashing water. Add that to the savings on energy, and you have an appliance that cannot be beat.

Why Get a Tankless Water Heater in Tampa Bay

There are so many benefits of a tankless water heater that may even make a person with a regular water heater get a tinge of envy.

They last longer. Unlike water heaters that have a lifespan of around 10 years, tankless heaters usually last twice that amount of time with fewer maintenance and repair needs.

They don’t take up as much room as a traditional water heater. As it says in the name, this water heater is tankless, so it no longer needs to fill an entire closet or occupy a large spot in the basement.

You save money in the long run. Of course you’ll have to pay to have your water heater installed, but the lifetime savings make it worth the investment. Unlike tank water heaters that use energy all day, constantly heating the water in the tank, tankless models only use energy when you’re using hot water. This saves tons of energy and money over the life of the unit!

You get instant hot water. Depending on your water heater now, it may take a while for the water to turn hot. This wastes water, time and energy. With a tankless heater you are assured immediate hot water the very moment you turn on your water.

You get limitless hot water. In your house, do you have to wait a while after someone showers to get your own shower? If someone turns the dishwasher on while you’re in the shower, does the shower run cold? Tankless water heaters are strong enough to heat multiple showers at once, while water-using appliances are running, so you’ll never have to race against a dwindling hot water supply again.

Ready to Get Started?

Integrity Home Solutions is your trusted Tampa Bay plumber for tankless water heater installation. Give us a call at 813-575-7772 to get started today!

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