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Toilet Gurgling: What It Means (And How to Fix It)

Gurgling Toilet Troubleshooting Integrity Home Solutions Tampa Fl Plumber

Have you noticed recently your toilet making odd noises, almost as if it was gurgling? Maybe you have seen bubbles in your toilet. Or perhaps the noises are at random odd times—times when you are not even using the toilet but perhaps your shower or sink.

What does the gurgling sound mean? Should you be concerned? Our plumbing pros are experts in all types of toilets issues; let’s investigate toilet gurgling and how to fix it!


Why is My Toilet Gurgling?

Gurgling sounds coming from your toilet means there is negative pressure building up in your drain line. This creates an airlock, which causes reverse suction.

When the pressure in the line does eventually release it sends the air upwards and back into the toilet bowl. This creates the gurgling sound and the bubbles that you may see in your toilet.

Although you may see this as an annoyance and not a big issue now, you should be mindful that this could become a bigger—and messier—issue later on if left untreated.


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Common Reasons for Toilet Gurgling

To remedy your gurgling toilet, you must fix the blockage first. This blockage causes the negative air pressure in your home’s plumbing. Let’s look at the most common ways this blockage can occur.

1. The toilet itself

Most of the time if your toilet is blocked you can probably see it. You may notice toilet paper or other things floating in the toilet.


2. The toilet’s drain

Digging a little deeper than the actually toilet is the drain. A clogged drain can occur from flushing things down the toilet that should not be. Some of the most common culprits are feminine products, paper towels, and wipes.


3. The main sewer drain

This is where all the drains in your house—from the kitchen to the laundry room to the bathroom—carry water and waste away from your house to the city sewer system. Blockages in the main sewer lines are often out of your control. They can occur from things such as roots, pipes separating, or shifting/settling ground.


4. The vent stack

The vent stack? Most of the time most people look below the surface for their plumbing issues and not up. The vent stack is on your roof helps to dispel smelly sewer-like odors from your home, but it also helps equalize the air pressure in your pipes.

Without equalized air pressure, your toilets could gurgle. If you can locate your vent stack safely, you might be able to notice the vent pipe clogged from leaves, debris, or even a deceased animal.

Have plumbing issues? We’re on call to take a look and help find the cause of your problem. Our 5-star plumbers help homeowners throughout Tampa Bay. Call us today!


How Can I Fix Toilet Gurgling?

It is important to take care of your gurgling toilet as soon as possible. While this noise may seem like a small annoyance, if left untreated it can eventually lead to sewage backing up into your toilets and tubs. Talk about a huge mess!

If you want to try to fix your toilet on your own, one of the first and easiest things you should try is plunging your toilet. It is important to first cover any close by sink or shower drains. You can use something such as duct tape to seal it. This allows the air to escape through the toilet and nowhere else.

If after plunging, you are still having issues you can try using a sewer snake or toilet auger. This tool is helpful if your clog is closer to the drain hole of the toilet. A plumber, like Integrity Home Solutions, will have this tool readily available if you do not have one or do not wish to purchase one. You can call on our friendly plumbing team anytime.

You may also find it helpful to contact your neighbors and see if this is a community issue and not an isolated incident in your home.

Finally, if you can safely access your roof you can check for debris around your vent pipe and clean it as best as possible. If unsure, please call in the professionals.

If you are still having issues after all these DIY plumbing attempts, or if you feel you cannot safely do these steps, please call your local plumbers at Integrity Home Solutions for help.


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Fixing Any Plumbing Problem

When it comes to a gurgling toilet do NOT underestimate it! A seemingly small plumbing problem can end up causing serious damage.

Contact your local Tampa Bay plumbing experts at Integrity Home Solutions to have our experienced plumbers assess your noisy toilet. We are experienced and have all the right tools and equipment to safely and quickly fix your toilet problem before it becomes a bigger and messier one! Schedule your visit or call us at 813-328-1550.

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