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Toilet Installation

Avoid Potty Problems with a Toilet Install from Integrity

A good toilet should last about 50 years in a home, according to some toilet manufacturers. However, if your toilet was installed before 1994, it’s likely not a low-flow toilet, which means you’re probably spending hundreds more per year on water usage due to a wasteful toilet. Low-flow toilets use less than half as much water on each flush, saving thousands of gallons of water each year. That translates into money in your pocket!

Whether you want a new toilet to save money or because you’re redoing the bathroom, do not attempt to DIY the installation. There are blogs that will attempt to guide you through the process yourself, but there are also numerous blogs by people who, after a problem installation, wish they’d called a plumber all along. The professionals at Integrity Home Solutions do this work everyday and won’t make expensive mistakes with your toilet.

Common Mistakes Made When Installing a New Toilet

Not Taking The Lid Off The Back Of The Toilet: It may seem rudimentary, but if you or your non-Integrity plumber forget this step, it results in a pile of porcelain shards on your bathroom floor.

Over Tightening Screws: Yes, your screws should always be tight and secure. Over-tightening the screws, however, could chip the porcelain or other material used to make your toilet.

Not Measuring The Water Lines Correctly: This is something even some non-Integrity Home Solutions plumbers make. If your water lines are too short or long, you’ve wasted valuable time and money. Make sure to measure the existing waterline to ensure the replacement water line is the exact same length.

Not Shutting Off Your Water Valve: Shut off your water valve before you do anything involving the toilet; otherwise you are in for a very wet surprise. And don’t forget to flush the toilet after the water goes off to remove as much water from the toilet basin as possible.

Not Properly Installing The Toilet Flange: A toilet flange is an important part of your fixture in that it is what brings waste out of the toilet and to the connected drain pipes that remove the waste from the house. Depending on how you install this component, you can cause the flange to be too high, leading to a broken flange or, weirdly, a rocking toilet.

Integrity Home Solutions is familiar with the problems that DIY toilet installers have, and we are well aware of the mistakes of some of our competitors. Call 813-575-7772 today to schedule a toilet installation that will be completed in a few hours without any surprise sprays of water or broken toilet lids.

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