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UV Light Water Purification

Integrity Will Make Your Water Safer & Better Tasting

Back in the day, if you wanted your water extra pure your mom might tell you to boil it. The problem with boiling is that you have to do it for more than 20 minutes and there’s no guarantee you’ve killed all the microorganisms that grow in water.

Water filtration can do some of the work, but now that we worry about bacteria, microbes and viruses more than we ever did before, it’s important to find ways to make water safe for your family to drink.

Introducing UV Light water purification. Yes, you’ve heard about UV air filters, but the same technology can make the water from your tap more inviting to drink.

How UV Water Purification Can Help You

UV Light purification can kill up to 99.99% of microorganisms in your water and is actually safer than chlorine in terms of killing viruses. Unlike chemical filtration systems, these systems simply use light so you don’t have to worry about what else you might be ingesting with your water. And, because of the lack of chlorine and chemicals, you’ll notice that the taste of UV sanitized water is exactly the same as regular clean water with no chlorine or other chemical smell.

Another benefit of UV water purification is pretty obvious: No more bottled water. While we’re getting better and better about bottled water, many of us drink it because we prefer it to the taste of chlorinated water. Now, with pure water emerging from your tap, you don’t even have to look at bottled water.

Thirsty For Some UV Purified Water?

Call Integrity Home Solutions at 813-575-7772 to learn more about water filtration and what methods would be best for your home. Our technicians are obsessed with purity and they’ll make sure your family is drinking the best water around.

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