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Water Filtration Systems

Reliable Home Water Filtration Solutions in Tampa Bay

Living in the Tampa Bay area means there’s never any shortage of water. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that water is 100% safe. Whether your home is served by city water or well water, your family needs to be sure the water is clean and clear of potential contaminants.

So what do you do? This is where the Integrity Home Solutions saves the day. We offer a number of water quality solutions to ensure your home’s water is not just clean and delicious, but safe for your health.

Water Filtration for Well Water

Well water can be a gift from the earth. Not only do you have an often limitless supply of free water, but it’s untouched by city processing plants. However, well water does have its drawbacks.

Wells are notorious for sediment that makes your water cloudy and gritty, and just not that pleasant to drink. A whole house water filtration system is ideal for homes with well water, as it will filter your water from the well without needing to install any point-of-use filters on faucets and showerheads.

If you do not have a filtration system in place, we recommend having your well water tested periodically to ensure its safety. Weather events can disrupt the local water table, leading to contamination from chemical runoff and bacterial growth, both of which can cause major health problems without water purification. If your water is looking, smelling or tasting “off,” call us to schedule a well water test right away!

Filtration Systems for City Water

If you’re on city water, you may think your water doesn’t need any help. After all, the water gets treated for impurities at the municipal treatment facility before it’s piped into your home, right? It does, but that doesn’t guarantee your city water is free of impurities.

Like well water, any event that affects the local water table can affect your water, too. While municipal filters do a lot, when a flood occurs, all kinds of contaminants enter the city water supply. Your best bet is ultraviolet disinfection.

Tampa Bay also has hard water; it isn’t dangerous, but it can cause a lot of problems. From the inconvenience of soap never lathering correctly to the expense of clearing limescale-clogged pipes, hard water is a nuisance! Integrity offers convenient hard water testing and water softener systems to get rid of this annoying problem.

Call Integrity home Solutions at 813-575-7772 today. As plumbers, we are veritable water experts, best suited to help homeowners decide what water filtration solution is best for them.

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