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The water heater is usually one of the things we just don’t think about until it fails to give us a warm shower. Your water heater is a vital part of your home, which is why a unit in need of repairs can be such an issue. Whether your water heater runs out of water too quickly, has a water leak, or is making strange noises, our top-rated plumbing services can get your system back on track.

Installation and repair can be more complex than a DIY job and Integrity Home Solutions is here to help! One of our plumbing specialists will inspect your water heater and diagnose the problem. Call our team for fast, affordable service.

Common Water Heater Issues

  • Corroded Element
  • Busted Temperature Mechanism
  • Sacrificial Anode Expires
  • Calcium Build Up
  • Obstructed Vent System (gas heater)
  • Pilot Light or Thermo-couple Failure (gas heater)

Contact Integrity Home Solutions of Tampa Bay if you have any concerns about the safety, operation, or efficiency of your propane, natural gas, or electric water heater. Don’t wait! Regularly scheduled maintenance can avoid costly repairs!

New Water Heater Options

If we can’t repair your water heater, we want you to know the options for replacement. Here your home is important to us and we want you have the best. Our reliable Tampa plumbers can help you find the right fit for your needs and budget, then install at one of the best rates in the area!

At Integrity Home Solutions, plumbing specialists will recommend the best system for your needs. We’ll even guide you on overall value, best features, and lowest operating costs.

Water Heater Replacement Options


The most common water heaters in Tampa are standard tank water heaters. They are low cost providing a large volume of dependable hot water. They can heat water using electricity, propane, or natural gas. Most residential tank water heaters hold between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water.

If you want to move to a gas water heater from an electric water heater, it is important that you hire a licensed professional. The placement and venting of a gas water heater are vital for safety. The proper plumbing permits and installation should be executed along with an inspection to avoid any dangers related to gas water heaters.

Call us now to learn more about Tank Water Heater repair or replacement!


Hybrid water heaters combine tank storage with a heat pump. Extracting heat from the air the heat pump utilizes it to support heating the stored water.

Hybrid water heaters reduce associated energy costs by nearly 60% because less electricity is consumed. Most hybrid water heaters can connect to electrical circuits and existing water lines; however, a condensate drain must be installed.

There are rebates available from most energy providers for the installation of high efficiency water heaters. This can also help to ease the initial cost of installation. With the savings achieved from installing a hybrid water heater, it will pay for itself in around 3 years.

The efficiency and technology vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so ask one of our plumbing specialists which systems best suits your home!


These are a trendy alternative to storage tank water heaters; they are small and can easily be mounted on an inside or outside wall. They can heat quickly and meet the rising energy needs of modern homes.

They are a “green”, more energy-efficient solution versus a tank heater. They also provide hot water on-demand at the desired temperature, so you never run out of hot water!

Call our Tampa plumbers to learn more about Tank Water Heater repair or replacement!

  • "Integrity Home Solutions came out to save the day again. This company is reliable, honest and knows how to take care of their customers. My water heater was leaking all over the garage...broken after only two years. They were there quickly and replaced the unit. Integrity Home Solutions is the only company I trust in Tampa."-Line W.

  • "These guys are incredible. They are organized, the communicate and the truly care. The addressed my issue and repaired my air conditioning unit. They also gave some options from my repair up to a replacement and they did this without trying to sell me but inform me of the pros and cons of repair vs replacement... Again so impressed, what an amazing experience."-Brian W.

  • “Juan came out and and gave a reasonable price on a new ac unit. What surprised me most was there turn around time. They were able to come out next day and install a new unit for me!”-Tony R.

Repair vs. Replace

How to know if you’re in need of new water heater

1. Water heater is 10-15 years old: This is the average lifespan of a tank water heater. Look on the upper portion of your water heater for the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker. Check the manufacturer’s website to learn your water heater’s birthday.

2. Hot water is a rusty color: The water heater has rust damage on the inside and will ultimately leak or burst.

3. Tank has a leak: Generally, we’ll recommend you replace the unit as the problem is hard to repair long-term.

Affordable Plumbing Repair in Tampa

As your reliable plumbing repair company, Integrity Home Solutions works hard to restore order to your residential plumbing system. Our plumbing contractors are also available 24/7, so no matter what plumbing issues you’re dealing with, we’re on call to help!

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