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5 Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Repair Service

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Your air conditioner is something that is used almost every day. That’s why it’s pretty easy to tell when something is not right or working if you pay attention. Look for these five tell-tale signs that your air conditioner may need maintenance or repair.  

Struggles to Maintain Set Temperature

This may be the most obvious sign that your air conditioning unit needs repair. If your air conditioning system is not cooling your home to the programmed setting in a reasonable time frame you might have an issue with the system’s compressor, or your refrigerant levels are too low. 

High Electric Bills

If you are experiencing higher than normal electric bills but running your air conditioning the same amount as you are used to your AC unit may not be working efficiently and could be failing. Your AC unit may be compensating and overworked which could lead to the burn out of mechanical components. You will need maintenance to get it running smoothly again.  


Strange Smells 

Diagnosing your air conditioning issues may be as easy as smelling it. Since your air goes through your AC system and then through your air ducts there are different ways your air may smell. If it smells musty, you may have a blockage in your air ducts or you may have mold in your ductwork. If the smell is more of a burning smell, there may be electrical issues in the unit. 

Living in Tampa Bay means a properly functioning air conditioner 
is a MUST at all times. Stay cool and comfortable! Call Integrity Home Solutions if you start to see the signs of an AC breakdown. 


Water Leakage 

When your air conditioning unit runs normal, it uses a drainage system to run off extra condensation to prevent leaking or pooling of water. If you notice leaking or pooling of water under the AC unit there’s a good chance the condensation line is blocked. It may also be an issue with a cracked pipe or the condenser coils freezing. Water leakage or excess moisture needs to be addressed immediately to prevent mold growth. 


AC Unit Will Not Turn On/Off 

You will know immediately that your system has issues if you cannot get it to turn on. Similarly, there are issues if you cannot turn it off. There are many reasons for this, but some may include electrical issues, or it is overworked and burned out.  


Call the Keep it Cool Experts

If you are experiencing any of these signs and need fast and immediate AC repair services, call Integrity Home Solutions! We are available 24/7 and are there when you need your air conditioning working the most, especially in the hot Tampa Bay summers. Our licensed AC company also offers routine maintenance to look over your system before you experience an emergency AC situation and more costly repairs.

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