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Living in Tampa Bay means having a properly functioning air conditioner at all times to keep you cool and comfortable. So what do you do if you come home in the middle of the summer to find your home sweltering and no cold air on the horizon?

Integrity Home Solutions is your reliable AC repair company. We service Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas and provide customers with the quality services they need to restore comfort in their homes.

Why is my air conditioner running but not cooling the house?

There could be a number of things causing your air conditioner to run but not cool your home:

  • Thermostat is set to ON - When set to ON instead of AUTO, an AC cannot make a complete cooling cycle. Set the thermostat to AUTO for optimal performance.
  • Filter is very dirty - If an air filter is very dirty, it can clog air circulation for the entire home. Make sure to change your filters regularly and on time.
  • Outdoor breaker is tripped - In the event that the outdoor breaker has tripped for the AC, the unit will continue to operate but without cooling the air first. Reset the breaker if it has tripped, but if it continues to trip you will need to have a technician check it out.
  • The refrigerant level is low - Refrigerant runs on a cycle, so if the levels are low it most likely means there is a leak present.
  • The compressor is malfunctioning - A compressor circulates the refrigerant; therefore when it is not working properly the unit cannot cool a house effectively.

Are you having issues with your air conditioner? Contact the experts at Integrity for fast affordable AC repair services!

How much does AC repair cost?
You can expect to spend anywhere from $150 - $2,000 for air conditioner repairs. The range is very large as the price of the service depends almost entirely on what is wrong with the unit. However, most repairs are fairly minor and run about $350. For information or a more accurate quote, contact Integrity Home Solutions today!
How do I fix my home air conditioner?

A few things you can do to help your unit operate well include:

  • Clean debris and leaves off of outdoor unit.
  • Replace air filters regularly and on time.
  • Keep your thermostat set to AUTO and not ON.
  • Keep up with annual maintenance.
  • While you can troubleshoot a few problems to help your AC run better, when it comes to repairing your home air conditioner, it really is better to let a certified technician take care of larger issues. Integrity Home Solutions offers professional repair services done the right way the first time. Contact us today to get on our schedule!

    Call Us For AC Repair Services Near Tampa Bay

    Because you use your air conditioner on a daily basis, it’s generally easy to tell when something is not right with your system. Five indications that air conditioner repair services are on the horizon include:

    • Fluctuating Air Temperatures: Summer temperatures are reaching all-time highs, which is why we need our air conditioners to blow ice cold air. If your AC unit is providing you with lukewarm air, and then freezing cold air, there may be an issue.
    • Higher Than Usual Utility Bills: For homes with central air conditioning, the AC unit can be one of the largest consumers of energy in your home. If your bills are climbing for no good reason, AC maintenance is needed to get it working efficiently again.
    • Strange Odors: If there is a burning scent, you could have an electrical failure in your unit. If it’s more of a musty smell, there may be mold or bacteria in your lines.
    • System Won’t Turn On/Off: If your air conditioner doesn’t turn on at all, you know you’re in the midst of an emergency situation. Similarly, if your system won’t turn off, there’s a problem as well. Generally, it’s because the AC unit can’t reach the desired temperature, or it has an electrical fault.
    • Pooling Water: Your air conditioner has a drainage system to run off condensation. If the plumbing is clogged, your condenser coils are frozen or there is some crack in the pipe, you could find yourself with a pool of water sitting under your air conditioner.

    If any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, then you need to be on the lookout for an AC contractor. At Integrity Home Solutions, we are your reliable AC service company. Not only do we provide long-lasting air conditioner repairs, but we’re available 24/7 and can help you when you need us most, particularly in the Tampa Bay summer.

    Avoid AC Emergencies With Regular Maintenance

    Air conditioning service companies are always around to help you repair your air conditioner when it’s broken, but did you know there is a way to avoid those issues altogether? At Integrity Home Solutions, we offer reliable AC maintenance programs that can extend the life of your air conditioner, improve its efficiency, and help prevent major emergency breakdowns.

    For Tampa Bay homeowners, having a functioning air conditioner is key to your comfort. When you have an issue, call Integrity Home Solutions. We are your reliable AC repair company.

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