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Community Involvement

Integrity Knows What Being A Member of This Community Means

If there’s one thing you can say about Integrity Home Solutions that isn’t about our excellent repair services, talented technicians and wide array of services, is that we are community stewards. Usually we keep our fundraising efforts between employees and families but we decided to share our contributions if it might inspire another company to take up the cause. You too can be part of the change. Call Integrity Home Solutions at (813) 531-9480  today.

Ask any one of our employees about community involvement and they’ll speak so passionately you’ll feel like giving everything in your closet to a nearby shelter.

“It shows we care. It shows we’re not just another company,” they said.

It’s for that reason that Integrity is dedicated to hiring men and women who served their country.

“One of our partners is a former marine,” says them. ”Part of us hiring veterans is a way to show respect. We’ve been very fortunate and we want to always pay it forward”

Technician Working In Attic

Fighting Cancer, Raising Funds

For our techs, both male and female, there is a higher calling than just providing exceptional service to the community. Moffitt Cancer Center, the pride of Tampa Bay, has benefited from Integrity’s generosity just as staff has benefited from the act of giving. To date, Integrity has raised more than $15,000 for the Center.

Integrity Home Solutions began our interest in cancer philanthropy after a company member — and this company is just as close as family — fell ill. We couldn’t help this employee personally, but we could show her we were there for her and we would always be there for the cause.

Our outreach to Moffitt Cancer Center grew. Integrity was able to donate several HVACs to the hospital for auction.

“When you feel good about what you’re doing, it shows,” says Integrity Home Solutions of their employees. “As soon as we started doing this we could see the joy immediately brought to the staff.”

Integrity Home Solutions employees feel a greater sense of purpose in what they do because they are proud of their overall company and the great work it does on behalf of the community.

“The pride just shines through each of them,” Integrity Home Solutions says, “You can see it.”

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