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Signs That Your Air Ducts May Require Premier Air Duct Sealing Services From Integrity Home Solutions

The following are some key signs and indicators that your Tampa, FL home’s air ducts may be in need of Premier Air Duct Sealing Services from Integrity Home Solutions:

Excess Dust

Having excess dust around your Tampa, FL home can be an indication of an issue with your ducts, whether they need to be cleaned or repaired, having them sealed will help to keep the excessive amount of dust out of your home so you and your family can remain healthy.

Inconsistent Temperatures 

One of the biggest giveaways that your ducts are leaking is if the temperature(s) in your home are inconsistent. If some rooms are warm while some are cooler, no matter what temperature you’ve set your thermostat to or how well you try to insulate the room, you likely have leaky ducts and are in need of Premier Air Duct Sealing Services from Integrity Home Solutions.

Increased Utility Bills 

If your monthly energy utility bill is significantly higher than normal, with seemingly no explanation, particularly in conjunction with any of these other listed symptoms, your ducts could be leaking and require Expert Air Duct Sealing Services by Integrity Home Solutions! When you seal your ducts, your air flow will improve and not be wasted by leaking which will help to reduce your energy costs back down.


When your ducts leak, dust, debris, and other contaminants can be released from the leak in your ducts, which can spread bacteria, viruses, and irritants around your Tampa, FL home. If anyone in your home is already predisposed to asthma or other respiratory issues, this can significantly worsen their health and irritate breathing and respiratory areas. Leaking ducts can cause allergies and affect your health if not dealt with. If you’ve noticed an increase in sneezing or coughing, call the air duct experts at Integrity Home Solutions to learn more about Premier Air Duct Sealing Services.


Unfortunately, leaky ducts can encourage mold growth around your Tampa, FL home if your home is already predisposed to mold. Leaks in your air ducts can allow mold to travel from one area of your home to another, causing issues along the way. Mold can be extremely taxing on your health and ruin your home, so if you notice a random increase in mold patches around your Florida home, you will want to consider calling Integrity Home Solutions for Premier Air Duct Sealing Services. One of our certified technicians will examine your air ducts, and go from there to come up with an individualized plan for your personal home.

Commonly Used Methods of Expert Air Duct Sealing Services From the Pros at Tampa, Florida

There are a variety of different methods used to seal any leaking air ducts in your Tampa, FL home. Which is best for your particular leak will depend on your situation. You can trust that your Integrity Home Solutions expert will seal your air ducts with the most effective and appropriate method. We will walk you through your options before ever beginning any work, so you can trust that the job will get done right.

Duct Sealing Tape

This method is often utilized by DIY homeowners. Duct sealing tape is aluminum tape that is used to patch the leaks in your air ducts. While it is a quick and effective temporary method, duct sealing tape will not permanently solve your issue. This is not a bad method to utilize while waiting for professional duct sealing services from Integrity Home Solutions, but duct sealing tape will not last forever, unfortunately.

Mastic Duct Sealant

This particular method of air duct sealing is a gooey-type substance that hardens once dried. Your Integrity Home Solutions technician will apply the Mastic Duct Sealant over the leaks while still flexible, and it will subsequently dry and harden in place, keeping your duct leaks sealed for good. Mastic Duct Sealant can be applied using a paintbrush, caulk gun, or other tools, depending on the severity of the leaks.

Aeroseal Duct Sealant

With this final method, a computer program is utilized to determine any leaks, cracks or holes in your ductwork. This method is extremely precise, effective, and clean, leaving your ductwork perfectly sealed in the exact places that it needs to be. Aeroseal Duct Sealant methods are generally the preferred methods amongst professionals because of the accuracy and immediate improvement in air quality within the home.

Air Duct Sealing Service Cost Near Tampa, FL | Integrity Home Solutions

Benefits and Advantages of Premier Air Duct Sealing Services From Integrity Home Solutions

Your HVAC system is one of the most important components in your Tampa, FL home, playing the important role of keeping you and your family comfortable at all times. Unfortunately, sometimes the duct work that is installed alongside your HVAC unit, is not installed properly or loosens slowly over time, resulting in your Tampa, FL home not cooling or heating correctly. That’s where you can trust the pros at Integrity Home Solutions to help restore your air ducts to their full capacity again with Premier Air Duct Sealing Services! Sealing your air ducts will help keep your home’s temperature maintained at the temperature that you need it. Call Integrity Home Solutions today to learn more about air duct sealing services and schedule an appointment!

When you entrust Integrity Home Solutions for Premier Air Duct Sealing Services, you can rest assured that the job gets done right. Our team of specialists are expertly trained with the skills, tools, and knowledge that is required to accurately and thoroughly seal your air ducts. Our number one priority is to make sure your Tampa, FL home’s air ducts are sealed correctly and running efficiently. If you are in need of Premier Air Duct Sealing, you can count on Integrity Home Solutions to get the job done as effectively as possible and never begin any work without your approval first. Call us today to get more information, get your questions answered, and schedule a Professional Air Duct Sealing!

Air Duct Sealing Service Cost Near Tampa, FL | Integrity Home Solutions

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How long does air duct sealant last?

Air duct seals are designed to last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. Duct seals should last at least as long as the rest of the duct system, itself. Unfortunately, many duct seals do not end up lasting this long because homeowners fail to have the proper preventative maintenance done on them every year. Having professional maintenance by Integrity Home Solutions done on your air ducts every year will ensure that both they and their sealant last as long as they are supposed to.

How does duct sealing work?

Duct sealing prevents air from escaping through the ductwork holes. Duct sealing is essential to ensuring that your air ducts run properly and last as long as possible. By ensuring this with duct sealing, you will save the most money you can on your energy bills every month.

Do air ducts need to be cleaned before air duct sealing?

Whether or not you will need to have your air ducts cleaned before sealing them will have to be determined by a professional HVAC technician at Integrity Home Solutions. In some instances, it is necessary, while in others it may not be. You will need a Integrity Home Solutions professional to assess your air ducts and HVAC system before being able to tell if they need to be cleaned prior to being sealed.

Why Should I Consider Duct Sealing?

When air ducts are improperly sealed, it can lead to significant energy losses which will increase your utility bills over time. Additionally, if there is any moisture leaking from the air ducts, this can cause mold growth which can pose serious health risks for you and your family. Duct sealing helps to prevent these issues from occurring by ensuring that all joints and seams are securely sealed.

How Often Should I Seal My Air Ducts?

Experts recommend sealing your air ducts every three to five years. However, if you notice any signs of leaking or damage, such as increased energy bills or strange odors coming from the vents, it is important to have them inspected and sealed right away.

Is There Anything I Should Do Before Having My Air Ducts Sealed?

Yes, it is important to have your heating and cooling system inspected by a professional to identify any issues that could be causing air leaks or reduced energy efficiency. They can then recommend any repairs or adjustments that need to be made before the air ducts are sealed.
Air Duct Sealing Service Cost Near Tampa, FL | Integrity Home Solutions

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