Ductless Mini Splits for Your Home

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Integrity Home

Anytime you invest in a new air system for your home, you may be concerned about whether it is the right choice or not. A ductless mini split has many appealing benefits! Integrity Home Solutions explains ductless mini split AC systems and their many positive perks that make them the right choice for just about anyone. Keep reading to learn what a ductless mini split is and what may make it the right choice for your space. 


How do Ductless Mini-Splits Work? 


First, mini splits are both a heating and cooling system that allows you to control the temperatures in individual rooms or spaces. As the name applies, there are no ducts. This small unit can provide complete temperature control and for a fraction of the cost of a central HVAC system and can be easily installed in any location or room. 


Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split 


Anytime you invest in a new air system for your home, you may be concerned about whether it is the right choice or not. A ductless mini split has many appealing benefits that make it the right choice for just about any space and customer. 


Complete Temperature Control 


The biggest perk of ductless mini split is they are small and work in zones. This can allow for varying temperatures throughout a home. Some spaces can be warmer while others can be cooler depending on how you use and set your mini splits. This is great news for the person that is always sweating, while another person is huddled under blankets. Now both of them can be content. 



Energy Savings 


As mentioned above, due to the small size and individual placement this can equate to energy saving costs. You do not have to pay to heat or cool a room that is barely used as you can turn on/off each mini split as needed.  


You also lose up to 30% of your energy consumption through ductwork and since these systems do not have ducts you are not paying extra on your utility bill for the energy loss. These savings can add up quickly and can eventually cover the cost of the installation. 



Added Property Value 


If you plan on selling your home or have investment properties, mini splits are a great way to add value to your home. Not only are they energyefficient, but they also tend to last longer than central HVAC systems. These are strong incentives for buyers or renters.  


Additionally, any space can be temperature controlled without spending thousands of dollars on a central air system. 


Versatile Installation 


Not only are these systems smaller, which makes installing them a breeze but also most importantly they do not require the need for air ducts. By not needing ducts, installation is less invasive and requires less construction, which makes the installation a fraction of the cost of a typical HVAC installation/ductwork expansion. The time needed for installation is also reduced drastically. 


Improved Air Quality 


Ductless mini split systems have individual air filters that focus only on the air it is heating or cooling, whereas a central air system has one air filter for the entire home. This individual air filter allows for more efficient and effective air purification. This is an added benefit for anyone that suffers from allergies or respiratory issues.  



Install a Ductless Mini Split AC system 


If you feel that a ductless mini split AC system is the perfect choice for your space, Integrity Home Solutions can help. Ductless minisplit installation should always be left to the experts. We can also handle your repair needs.  


Call Integrity Home Solutions today at (813) 531-9480  and we will correctly install the right system for your home to help you save money, energy, and time. We’re a 5-star AC service with over 20 years of local experience and expertise!

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